GDBBM – Chapter 461

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Chapter 461: “Consecutive Slaps – First Form (8)”

At the moment the black beast pounced, Hua Yao and Qiao Chu jumped away from Li Zi Mu. The screaming Li Zi Mu had not even managed to see the black beast clearly when he found himself pinned once again, this time on the ground. The black beast slavery jaws opened and bit down on Li Zi Mu’s neck. A loud “crunch” sounded and the shrill scream stopped at that moment!

Blood gushed out through the black beast’s fangs and splattered all over the dirt turning it red and sticky.

“You still want this?” Drunk Lotus was still dangling the silver wolf as he turned to Jun Wu Xie. Li Zi Mu was dead and it wouldn’t be long before the Silver Wolf would fade back into the Spirit World. If Jun Wu Xie wanted to make use of the Silver Wolf to achieve a breakthrough in her spiritual power, she had to do it fast.

Jun Wu Xie nodded and Drunk Lotus hung the wine jar at his hips. He looped an arm around Jun Wu Xie waist and loped easily up the tallest tree, disappearing from everybody’s sight in mere moments, hidden among the thick branches and dense leaves.

The black beast let go of Li Zi Mu’s neck and sat under the tree, licking its paws with its bloodied tongue.

Everything had happened so quickly and Fan Jin did not have time to react at all, and he just stood there staring blankly at the black beast sitting under the tree.

He had always thought that Jun Xie’s ring spirit had been an ordinary black cat and it did not possess any battle prowess. And when the little black cat had morphed into the black beast, he had been so shocked that he had froze!

What grade would a ring spirit who can change its form at will belong to? He dared not even think about it.

At that moment, Fan Jin realised that he knew nothing about Jun Xie. His strength, his ring spirit, his unfathomable and profound knowledge of Medicine…..

“What is Little Xie doing?” Qiao Chu craned his neck to look up into the trees. But Drunk Lotus must have taken extra effort to hide from them as he could not see any sign of them among the trees, not even their shadows.

The rest of the gang just shrugged their shoulders, as they did not mind whatever Jun Xie intended to do.

“You got a big fright?” Hua Yao walked to come beside Fan Jin, and he raised his hand to pat him on the shoulder in comfort, from the perspective of someone who had been through whatever Fan Jin was feeling at that moment.

Fan Jin shook his head vigorously as he sat on the side, unable to squeeze a single word out of his throat.

Li Zi Mu’s body was still lying under the tree, his neck snapped in two by the black beast. The mess of blood and gore filled his mind as did the sight of the large widening pool of blood, slowly staining the ground devilishly red.

“Was he really shocked?” Qiao Chu whispered to Rong Ruo as he came to stand beside her, lowering his voice to not let Fan Jin hear him.

Rong Ruo laughed softly: “When you suddenly see a tiny bunny turn into a big bad wolf, you would usually need a little bit of time to properly digest it.”

Jun Xie’s young age and petite size would make people assume him to be completely harmless. But in actual fact, that tiny bunny when provoked, its ferocity would put many large vicious beasts to shame.

Fan Jin’s reaction had been exactly like that. He had always taken the role of a protector with Jun Xie, and had intended to continue protecting him throughout the time they would be in the Battle Spirits Forest. But….. the person he was protecting….. seemed to be quite a tad bit more ferocious than him…..

Besides the fact that Jun Xie had already attained the orange level in his spiritual power, just the black beast alone would be more than what most people could handle, and not forgetting, there was also that white robed youth…..

Fan Jin’s fragile little heart took quite a hit at that moment…..

He had fully intended to take on the role as Jun Xie’s protector!

Up in the tree, Drunk Lotus gingerly put Jun Wu Xie down on a wide branch, to allow her space to sit crossed legged, in a meditation pose, while he held the twitching Silver Wolf and stood quietly at the side.

It was just yesterday, that Jun Wu Xie had completely healed the Snow Lotus, and that had allowed Drunk Lotus to appear in all his blinding glory today.

“How do you use this?” Drunk Lotus shook the Silver Wolf a little when he saw that only the whites of the wolf’s eyes was showing. Although he knew that Jun Wu Xie needed to devour a ring spirit to attain a breakthrough in her spiritual power, however, he had no idea how to go about doing it.

Jun Wu Xie retrieved the Spirit Prison from the cosmos sack, and gave it a slight twist. The Silver Wolf in Drunk Lotus’ hand suddenly felt as if an invisible force was pulling at it, and it was gradually sucked into the pristine and crystalline sphere.

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