GDBBM – Chapter 441

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Chapter 441: “A Delicious Killer (3)”

That afternoon, Fan Zhuo had another relapse. The ferocity of the relapse was so intense that Ah Jing fell to the ground in shock. Just as Ah Jing was about to run out in search of a physician to save Fan Zhuo, he suddenly recovered miraculously. He comforted Ah Jing a little and the matter ended there.

The next day, after the person delivered the daily food ingredients to the kitchen, Jun Wu Xie asked Fan Jin to retrieve a few samples from among the delivery. She checked them thoroughly but did not find anything suspicious.

“The culprit is being very careful. The food that we eat everyday has not been drugged.” Jun Wu Xie looked at the radish in her hand and tossed it to Fan Jin.

Fan Jin caught it and turned it over and over, inspecting the radish closely before he took a big bite out of it, crunching it in his mouth.

“It seems that the culprit wants Little Zhuo to suffer from a relapse only occasionally, and let the continuous and prolonged turmoil take its toll and eat at Little Zhuo’s lifeforce till it depletes completely on its own. It’s all part of his vicious plan.” Fan Jin narrowed his eyes as he stared at the radish, picturing it as the culprit, and took a enormous bite out of it.

“We can only wait for the culprit to strike again.” Fan Zhuo sighed, resigned.

As the three of them chatted, shouts were heard from outside in the little bamboo grove.

“Jun Xie! You despicable cad! After committing such shameless atrocities, you decided to hide here! ? Just get out of the Zephyr Academy now!”

“Jun Xie! Not even Fan Jin and Fan Zhuo can shield you. Do not think for moment that everything will just blow over! All your unscrupulous and shameless deeds have been made known and everyone in the academy knows of it!”

The incessant shouts and curses caused the faces of both the Fan brothers to darken immediately.

The three people in the room walked out.

As they came out into the little yard within the bamboo grove, they saw several Zephyr Academy disciples still shouting, standing in the yard.

Fan Zhuo stared in anger at the young intruders within his yard.

The bamboo grove was a space specially segregated by Fan Qi for Fan Zhuo’s recuperation and the place was off limits to everyone. Even the teachers were not allowed access and needless to say, the place was strictly prohibited from any of the academy’s disciples. Strangely, these disciples had suddenly appeared and started shouting and cursing at Jun Xie right here within the bamboo grove!

The main doors into the yard were standing wide open and it seemed these disciples had found their way in uninhibited.

“Ah Jing!” Fan Jin assessed the situation and knew how this had come about.

If someone had not opened the door from the inside, these troublemakers would not have been able to come in here!

Ah Jing came running out from the kitchen and his clean face was tinged with panic.

“Why are all these people in here! ? Have you forgotten the Headmaster’s strict orders! ?” Fan Jin stared at Ah Jing in fury. Ah Jing had not been too difficult recently. Besides the fact that his face was perpetually unhappy, he had not done anything else against Fan Zhuo’s wishes. But today’s incident was just too much!

Ah Jing’s expression was one of shock as his eyes looked at the disciples within the yard and looked at the wide open doors, before he said: “Elder Young Master, you have misunderstood. I was just sweeping the pebbled path outside when I suddenly remembered that I had left something over the fire in the kitchen. I hurried back into the kitchen and forgot to shut the doors. I do not know how these people got in here.”

After saying that, Ah Jing walked towards those disciples and chased them out. Those disciples were still shouting their curses as they were being ushered out, pointedly shouting out the various vicious deeds of Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie watched without expression at the farce before her, and she did not miss the guilt in Ah Jing’s eyes when he was explaining himself to Fan Jin.

It seemed that this person really hated her.

“Jun Xie, if you really think you are innocent, then you wouldn’t be hiding yourself here like this! Be a man and get out of here!” As they were being pushed out, those disciples still did not give up and continued to shout.

Fan Jin’s face turned incredibly dark at that moment.

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