GDBBM – Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: “Dilapidated Books (1)”

“Meow~” the little black cat was trying hard to calm her nerves.

Unfortunately, from her rigid expression and grimly locked lips, it had no effect whatsoever.

Ghost City was simply too big. Under these harsh conditions, she had a hard time concentrating and looking for cultivation books as the items sold there were not specialized shops but individual sellers who sold anything and everything!

After great difficulty, she finally reached a less busy place as she calmed down a bit. The stalls here were remotely scattered about, as she was about to move on, she felt a trace of warmth emitted out from the ring. She stopped in her tracks. She could feel her ring warming up.

Is it here? The cultivation technique? This was the first time Little Lotus had responded to anything as she scanned her surroundings intently.

Where she was currently frozen in place, there was a total of ten stalls nearby. Her eyes darted around as her gaze finally landed on a stall which had a few old books on sale.

Displayed on the stand were a bunch of dilapidated books, some of which even the cover was barely intact, some titles could not even be read.

Manning the stall was a pale faced unkempt teenager who was shabbily dressed. He was sitting on a wooden stool, chewing on a blade of bamboo leaf and  smiling happily as he was deeply engrossed in a book he was holding.

Even when Jun Wu Xie stood in front of his booth he did not respond.

Both parties did not bother with each other as they both each did their own thing.

Jun Wu Xie was now focused on the row of books displayed in front of her as she felt the intensity of Little Lotus’s reaction much stronger as she came closer to the books. She was sure that the book she needed must be within these books.

All the dilapidated books may have lost the former glory of their cover but their contents were still intact.


After flipping through the contents a few times, a frown appeared between her brows – These books were not books on cultivation.

These books were clearly meant for a gardener!

The contents taught people how to grow plants and flowers and had absolutely no relation to cultivation.

On her scholarly masculine face, her lips were twitching as she tried to compose her inner self. Little Lotus intense reaction was definitely related to these gardening books. She knew that if it wasn’t for the fact that they were outside, Little Lotus would have turned into his human form and snatched them all up!

Little Lotus was on the edge as he couldn’t transform and take the books himself, he kept on urging her.

“Dear lovely Master, please bring these all home! Dear Almighty Master, please bring these books home! Dear lovely Master, please bring…”

Jun Wu Xie clenched her fists.

She had accepted that her contractual spirit was a rare plant type lotus and had resigned herself to her fate, however now that she wants to embark on her cultivation, this little guy wants her to pick up some gardening books?

Jun Wu Xie wanted to leave but Little Lotus kept pleading and urging her to bring the books back.

“Meow?” The little black cat looked at Jun Wu Xie with a puzzled expression.

“Hmm?” The unkempt youth finally pulled himself away from his book and noticed that there was someone browsing as he raised his head and lazily looked at the scholarly youth in front of his stall ,as if appraising an item, he looked at Jun Wu Xie from head to toe.

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