GDBBM – Chapter 385

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Chapter 385: “Enrollment (1)”

Back at the inn, Fei Yan handed a clear and sparkling crystal to Jun Wu Xie.

“The Zephyr Academy enrollment calls for a check on your ring spirit. You don’t need to summon it but just to put your hand on this and it will make a copy of your ring spirit and ascertain its grade. It would be better if you used the little black cat in place of the lotus.” Fei Yan had found out everything there was to know for the enrollment in half a day’s time and there was nothing to be worried about for the others but only that Jun Xie’s ring spirit must not be exposed.

“Qiao Chu told me that the little black cat is also your ring spirit. You should give it a try.” Jun Xie’s little black cat’s origins had been a mystery and Fei Yan together with the others had not asked too much about it.

Jun Wu Xie nodded and after Fei Yan left, she put her hand on the crystal. A very faint image of a lotus soon appeared in the crystal, so faint it was almost unnoticeable.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes and opened up her cosmos bag to take out a huge sealed sphere. The bottom half of the sphere was filled with water from the Heaven’s Spring and the Snow Lotus sat upon the water’s surface within the sphere.

When she left the Phoenix Academy, Jun Wu Xie had brought the Snow Lotus with her as she had the Heaven’s Flask with her and she did not need to worry that she would run out of the water from the Heaven’s Spring.

It was because the Snow Lotus was not within Jun Wu Xie’s body that the crystal had formed such a fuzzy image, but the shape of a lotus flower could still be seen faintly.

Jun Wu Xie had experienced first hand what disaster the knowledge of the existence of a plant ring spirit within her could bring. The human skin maps showing the location of the Dark Emperor’s tomb originated from seven of the Twelve Palaces. Now that it was known that a portion of the map existed within the Zephyr Academy, she was certain that they had received the map from the Twelve Palaces. Jun Wu Xie’s eyes flared with a cold chill. The Zephyr Academy must have some secret link with one of the Twelve Palaces.

Fei Yan had understood the dangers involved and had brought the crystal earlier to Jun Wu Xie for her to prepare for it.

Using the little black cat in replacement for her real ring spirit. Jun Wu Xie had never attempted that before and she could only feel her way around on her own. She concentrated her spiritual power onto her hand. When Jun Wu Xie placed her hand on the crystal once again, the faint image of the lotus disappeared and in its place, a translucent image of a little cat showed up within.

It had taken her only moments, but the concentration and effort needed made her short of breath after.     

The little black cat was still in a coma and its soul was close to complete exhaustion. Jun Wu Xie had not dared to move it much and could only employ the link her soul had with the little black cat as a cover up. Her own soul was not in any better shape and with that short period of utilisation of her soul’s powers had completely drenched her back.

She wore a fake replica of a ring on her finger and Jun Wu Xie laid back on the chair to catch her breath.

Early the next morning, Jun Wu Xie and her companions proceeded to go to the Zephyr Academy. Due to the expected large number of people there for the enrollment, the five companions decided  to split up.

As it was still early when they reached, there were not many people at the gates. The five companions were able to find themselves separate stations to carry out the checks in a short period of time. Jun Wu Xie went to the station at the extreme end and the man behind the station looked at Jun Wu Xie head to toe before he impatiently stretched out his hand to dangle a crystal before Jun Wu Xie’s eyes.

Jun Wu Xie pressed her hand upon the crystal without a word and pushed her soul power into it. Immediately, a translucent image of a cat appeared within the crystal and the man cast a nonchalant glance at it and said: “Beast spirit….. Wait!”

The man seemed to have noticed something and the lazy look on his face disappeared. He stared questioningly at the translucent image in the crystal and when he turned his eyes to look at Jun Wu Xie, his eyes seemed to be searching for something on her.

“Infuse your spiritual power into this crystal.” The man took out another crystal and put it before Jun Wu Xie once more.


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