GDBBM – Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: “The Mysterious Expert (1)”

“Stop sleeping already and get something to eat!” Jun Xian heartily nudged his son. Now that he’s much better and can finally eat to replenish his strength and nourish the body, what more are they waiting for?

When the servants entered the room with the piping hot porridge, the aroma was so enticing that both father and son momentarily looked at the steaming bowls absentmindedly.

The porridge had a faint smell of herbs but the smell was not too overpowering. Having not eaten for such a long time, Jun Qing could feel his stomach contracting once the bowl was placed in front of him.

Once he took in a deep breath, the aroma assaulted all his senses and his previous loss of appetite was history. He struggled to sit up in his bed to enjoy his first meal for these past few days.

After he had eaten his fill, with a bit of difficulty as he sat up in his bed and had only realized that he was in a very precarious situation while he was unconscious.

“Every doctor who saw you concluded that you were on at death’s door..if not for her….”
Jun Xian sighed as he thought about the pain of losing his eldest son … If this kind of thing happened again he really did not know if he could survive.

“But…Jun Wu Xie just started on her medical studies not too long ago, how could she have known that I could be saved?” Jun Qing was full of questions, it seems that this time,  it was really a huge change in Jun Wu Xie. The wayward rude little girl from before seem to have disappeared without a trace. Even in the face of Mo Xuan Fei’s bullying, she still did not express any discontent, unlike the her before who would have whipped up a storm. She’s so sensible and level headed now.

“Recently that child has changed a lot, she’s become very sensible. I think her injury before might not be as simple as we have thought. If not for the major turn of events, she would not have changed so much in such a short time.” Jun Xian did not say it out but he had been thinking about it for a while and made a few guesses.

All these started only after she came back riddled with all those injuries. What did she go through?

Jun Qing hesitated for a moment before he finally told the truth that Jun Wu Xie had given him the lotus seed right before this incident.

“Lotus seed?!” Jun Qing frowned slightly. Initially he had thought that someone had secretly tempered but now Jun Wu Xie is suddenly involved.

“Perhaps she gave it to me without any deeper meaning or my body simply could not hold up against the poison. No matter what, I believe that Wu Xie will not harm me. But I have to say, although I’m tired now, I’m feeling much better than what I’ve felt over in a decade! The poison has deeply seeped into my bones, all these years, and though it didn’t manage to take my life away but it has been wearing my mind and spirit down.” Jun Qing was worried he would implicate Jun Wu Xie further as he hastily tried to explain.

He really wasn’t exaggerating, his body still felt very weak now however his mind was very alert. Also the poison before seem to have rendered him unable to muster up any spirit energy but now he could feel a slight throb as he tried to sense his spirit energy.

“Really? Do not think that you can pull a fast one over me. Naturally I believe in our Wu Xie. But if you still feel any discomfort anywhere, do not hide it.” No matter what, both of them are his closest kin and he did not want any harm to befall them.

Jun Qing smiled and nodded as he moved his arms in exaggerated motion in an attempt to show his father that he was really fine.

However in that moment, there was a surge of a strange feeling. His whole body stiffened as he was deep in thought.

“What happened?” Jun Xian quickly asked as he saw the strange expression Jun Qing had on.

Jun Qing gulped as he gave a bewildered look of disbelieve.

“My legs….”

“What happened to your legs?!” Jun Xian asked anxiously.

“They feel a little…sore?” Jun Qing’s voice trailed off…

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