GDBBM – Chapter 302

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Chapter 302: “Silver Lining (3)”

It was at a slower pace than when she had absorbed in the Lin Palace, but under the current restricted circumstances, the spiritual energy that was made available after the Embellished Wooden Bead’s amplification had Jun Wu Xie pleasantly surprised.

With the Embellished Wooden Bead, her development of her spiritual powers would not be slowed much within the period spent in the Qing Yun Clan anymore!

Picking up the Embellished Wooden Bead from Little Lotus’ tiny hands, Jun Wu Xie felt that  the bead was still emitting a slight warmth, and suddenly, a charmingly demonic face appeared in her mind.

At that moment, Jun Wu Xie froze.

“Jun Wu Yao…..” The words came out of Jun Wu Xie’s mouth in a barely audible whisper as she hung her head and a frown formed on her face.

Why had she suddenly thought of Jun Wu Yao?

Jun Wu Xie did not understand why, and the face quickly faded away. She brushed it off and continued to absorb the spiritual energies with the Embellished Wooden Bead.

Hidden within the shadows, secretly protecting Jun Wu Xie, stood Ye Sha. He was stunned by Jun Wu Xie’s barely whispered three words, it had been very soft, but he was certain of what he heard.

Wasn’t that His Lord’s “assumed” name!?

At that moment, Ye Sha’s hand flickered and a black snake the size of his finger dropped to the ground from his sleeve. He retrieved paper from his clothes and scribbled something and sealed it with paraffin wax before letting the snake swallow it.

He saw the snake slide off into the grass and it soon disappeared, and Ye Sha suddenly let out a long sigh.

My Lord! That’s the most I can help you out with!

After that night, Jun Wu Xie was seldom seen around the herb beds in the day, but in the night, after everyone else had retired for the day, Jun Wu Xie would be seen walking towards the herb beds.

Towards Jun Wu Xie’s queer antics, the youths who had been admitted at the same time with her would only gossip in whispered tones discreetly, and did not dare to openly go against Jun Wu Xie anymore.

Qiao Chu had followed Jun Wu Xie a couple of times, but he saw that she only only snipped and trimmed at the herbs and found it extremely boring and stopped doing that. He used that time to disturb Hua Yao instead.

After transforming into Ke Cang Ju, Hua Yao daily task was to put up an arrogant and cold front, and ride roughshod over the disciples, leading a leisurely life. Night or day, Qiao Chu would climb in noiselessly through the window and appear in Hua Yao’s room suddenly. This night, Hua Yao had just changed his clothes to prepare to go to bed when he saw the scoundrel climb in through the window again, and his face grew sinister.

“Whoa! Brother Hua, don’t give me that look, it hurts.” Qiao Chu shielded his eyes and cringed back from Hua Yao’s eyes.

The wooden comb in Hua Yao’s hand crumbled into dust.

“What are you doing here again!?” Hua Yao longed to strangle the idiot to death. Qiao Chu brought him nothing but rage, can’t he find someone else to irritate?

Qiao Chu sat down at the table ostentatiously, and poured himself a cup of water to drink. “I am here just to see the situation. The plans that you two had made earlier had sounded good, but why isn’t anything happening for so many days? Little Xie just stays inside the pharmacy or runs to the herb beds and stare, and you laze and live a life of leisure all day. When are we going to act? I’m going to be bored to death!”

Qiao Chu did not understand it. Everyone had been so excited when they had made their plans days ago, but after that, the other two of them had not said a thing further.

Didn’t they say there were going to instigate a conflict between the Elders and Qin Yue and wipe out the Qing Yun Clan in the process? But why were they not moving?

Hua Yao took a deep breath. He realised he had to explain it clearly to this dolt here or he would be bugged to death.

“Qin Yue is coming to the Hidden Cloud Peak tomorrow.” Hua Yao said.


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