GDBBM – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: “Self-help (2)”

Although Wu Xie was unable to see the man’s appearance in the darkness, she could clearly hear familiar sounds of the metallic clanging of chains.

This man was chained? Beneath the depths of this desolate cliff?

As soon as it heard the man’s voice, the little black cat immediately turned into a wisp of smoke and hurriedly fled into Wu Xie’s body. This man was dangerous!

“You’re chained up?” Wu Xie totally disregarded his tone of voice as her mind only echoed a single thought, this man can help her. All she needed was ……his freedom of movement.

“Ah? You mean these small things?” The man in the dark was pulling chains, a deep magnetic voice echoed in the dark caves, “I guess so.”

“I’ll free you… but you’ll have to save me.” Wu Xie stuttered as she struggled to get the words out. She was trembling from all the cold and pain. Her body temperature was falling dangerously low and her battered body which was riddled with severe injuries wouldn’t hold up if she didn’t do anything soon.

The man in the dark kept quiet, he seemed surprised that this half dead girl would say such words.

‘Silence means consent’ Wu Xie self-reasoned as she had no other alternatives so she decided to gamble on this chance.

As she groped around in the darkness, she leaned on the man and pulled out a thin pin from her hair. She was a doctor, not a thief. That fool had once performed this trick for her, she wasn’t sure if she could pull it off.

Wu Xie’s little hands tried to reach for the chains as she fumbled around in the dark. From a doctor’s perspective, she could ‘feel’ that this man’s physique was exceptional.

Using her last shred energy, Wu Xie attempted to free the man with her poor skills. She had never felt so clumsy in her life.

With all her toiling efforts, she finally unlocked one! This effort had left her breathing heavily as she struggled to keep her consciousness from fading.

“As per your wish.” The man finally spoke with an enigmatic deep smile, his deep masculine voice echoed throughout the cave.

Before she could even react, ‘click’… ‘click’… ‘click’, a series of broken metal sounded around her. He broke free from the other three shackles as she felt some warmth as he pulled her into his arms as he embraced her.

He gently lifted her up and carried her as he trudged along towards the light.

Outside, the rain continued to fall relentlessly.

Although the weather was gloomy, it was daytime and just this little light was enough to show off his exquisite face. The man’s high cheekbones, perfectly accentuated his face along with his long satin hair casually draping down. As the crystal clear rainwater ran down his neck, it was God’s most outstanding work.

The man was looking up at the sky, when felt a gaze from her, he bowed his head slightly, violet eyes slightly narrowed, his lips breaking into a smile.

Wu Xie looked on indifferently into that pair of purple eyes, without any trace of expression. The rain was falling on her pale cheeks as she calmly watched him.

He raised his eyebrow slightly. Her unusually calm demeanour was a refreshing reaction.

This is the first time someone didn’t scream and panic when they saw his eyes.
“Aren’t you afraid?” He asked in his deep husky voice.

“I’m about to die” Wu Xie reminded him matter-of-factly. Her dark eyes, looked deeply into that pair of purple eyes, without any hint of desperation or fear, but rather with a clear gaze, as though the death she was talking about wasn’t her own.

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