GDBBM – Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 “Healing Hands (2)”

The man slumped against the bed as he bit clenched his teeth.

Soon, the stoves were placed in the room as the servants hurriedly closed all windows and the door. The sudden increase in temperature forced both Jun Xian and the man to circulate their spiritual energy and soon they were each covered in a thin cloak to protect themselves from the extreme heat.

Jun Qing’s sweat mixed with black substance came trickling out and he was completely drenched. It was as though he had just been fished out from a pool of water. Those sweat beads that dripped onto the floor evaporated quickly and soon the room was filled with steam.

A creaking sound was heard as Jun Wu Xie entered the room with a bowl of her own concoction as the little black cat stayed by her side.

Without paying heed to anyone, she marched straight up to Jun Qing.

Suddenly, she felt a strong grip on her wrist. The man had rushed forward in an attempt to stop her.

“He’s your Uncle!” He stared at her menacingly. Although he did not tell Jun Xian that the cause of this was all because she had fed him the lotus seed, he still held her responsible in his heart. Although he did not want to believe that she was out to hurt Jun Qing, the facts were right there.

“Let go.” She said icily as she frowned.  She immediately broke free from his grasp as she flung her hand away. She was very annoyed to be interrupted and questioned repeatedly while treating a patient.

The man stood quietly at the corner with a gloomy expression as he watched her slowly feed Jun Qing the bowl of black liquid.

After drinking the bowl of medicine, there was no response from Jun Qing as he lay quietly on the bed.

As time slowly ticked by, the intense temperature of the room was a great torture to Jun Wu Xie. As she had yet to start her cultivation much less protect herself with a cloak of her own spiritual energy from such extreme temperature. She continued to sweat profusely as her thin dress was soaked through but no matter what, she just sat there quietly as she meticulously paid attention to every single change in his pulse.

The black cat leaped onto the bed as it stared at Jun Qing and looked up at Jun Wu Xie.


[Physical condition seems stable.]

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly.

An hour later, crystal clear beads of sweat started forming, a huge contrast to the previous murky sweat that was expelled.

Jun Wu Xie immediately called for the servants to remove all the stoves and air the room.

“Prepare hot water and help freshen Second Master up.” Jun Wu Qing ordered.

Everyone outside the room looked at her with a puzzled expression. What was their Young Miss up to again? The situation for their Second Master was already very bad with almost every doctor in the kingdom giving him the death verdict. Now she comes in and play doctor?

The servants hesitated as they looked towards Jun Xian and when he nodded, they scuttled in and went to clean up.

“You there, go to my pharmacy and take the medical pot I left on the table over and add it into warm water and let Second Master soak in it for three hours.” She called out to the man standing nearest to her.

During this whole process, Jun Xian stood quietly by the side never once interfering with her arrangements as he watched her with his tired eyes, he felt a wave of relief wash over him.

Regardless if everything she did was useless, at least she had changed for the better.

After she finished all the necessary arrangements, she discovered that her dress had many stains, these were all from the black substance expelled out from Jun Qing’s body and it had an odious  stench.

She quickly retreated back to her own room to take a bath. She really hated all these smells!

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