GDBBM – Chapter 258

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Chapter 258: “Qiao Chu (2)”

Jun Wu Xie ignored Qiao Chu’s stunned reaction, and turned to pick out an even bigger piece of herb from the tangled mess and walked on to complete the task.

Qiao Chu stood rooted in place till Jun Wu Xie had walked a distance away before he recovered from shock and ran to catch up.

“I can see that the task is nothing to you, but you shouldn’t allow them to take advantage of you like that.” Qiao Chu had no doubts of Jun Wu Xie’s capabilities, but he was feeling sore at the fact that those scoundrels would get away with it.

Meeting Jun Wu Xie here was a huge pleasant surprise for Qiao Chu.

The first time, when he had returned from the Ghost City and brought back the Eastern Pearl, he had told his comrades everything about the events that had happened in the Ghost City, and was soundly teased and scolded for being an idiot. Those rascals had made him go back to the Ghost City to wait and see if the delicate youth with extraordinary elixir making skills would appear again. Qiao Chu had been forced to lie in wait there for a whole month, before giving up after seeing no sign of him.

Who would have known? His months’ of hard searching had been futile and a moment’s chance meeting had delivered the youth right up to him right here at the Qing Yun Clan!

Qiao Chu was determined. This time, he would stick to Jun Wu Xie like glue shamelessly, and would not let the little genius slip from his fingers again!

As the self proclaimed protector of the petite Jun Wu Xie, when the bullies had taken advantage of Jun Wu Xie, Qiao Chu had felt as though he had been bullied instead. If he did not have urgent matters to attend to in the Qing Yun Clan’s peaks, he would have dragged the two bullies into the bushes and given them a good thrashing!

Jun Wu Xie was intent on finishing the task at hand and while Qiao Chu carried on grumbling incessantly, Jun Wu Xie took a deep breath and turned to face Qiao Chu.

Qian Chu paused, and blinked his eyes.

“Things that belong to me, are never easily taken away.” Jun Wu Xie turned and handed over the herb to the Qing Yun Clan disciple. After his inspection, Jun Wu Xie was allowed to proceed, and Qiao Chu rushed up to hand over his own herb, still wondering on what Jun Wu Xie had meant by those words.

While Qiao Chu was still feeling confused, he suddenly heard a series of curses from afar. He looked up and saw the two bullies who had snatched the herb from Jun Wu Xie arguing with the disciple of the Qing Yun Clan who had inspected their herbs.

Held in the hand of one of the bullies, was no longer the same herb that Jun Wu Xie threw at them. It was obviously just dried up weeds. What puzzled him was, he noticed a darkening of the skin on the youth’s hand, a sure sign of poison!

He thought back on Jun Wu Xie’s earlier statement and Qiao Chu turned away from them covering his mouth as he grinned wickedly.

That kid must have planned this from the start, and had not intended to give in to the two bullies. Throwing the herb in their faces and watch them pick it up in glee, not knowing they were messing with a devil, and the results were devastating for them.

At which point in time did Jun Wu Xie smear the poison on the herb? That was something Qiao Chu could figure out and had him stumped.

When did she do it? Seems like only Jun Wu Xie herself would know.

Her spiritual powers might have increased in an extremely short period of time, but a orange leveled spirit was not that significant in the world. She did not come to the Qing Yun Clan to sightsee, but with an ambition to obliterate the mightiest clan throughout the lands. She had to prepare for any situations, and they must be lethal.

Jun Wu Xie was wearing a nondescript bangle, hidden below her sleeves, and nobody would notice it.

Hidden within that seemingly common bangle, were seven different types of poison. It needed only a slight twist, and it could kill a person in a moment.

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