GDBBM – Chapter 239

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Chapter 239: All For You (1)

Jun Wu Xie ignored the crying Qin Yu Yan and picked out a few bottles before she threw the rest on the floor.

The elixirs that had many people fight tooth and nail for were thrashed and scattered on the ground. A fragrant aroma emitted from the open bottles that were lying on the floor.

Qin Yu Yan’s eyes widened in shock as she stared at the bottles that Jun Wu Xie threw away, knowing very well what they had contained.

Jun Wu Xie had thrown all the elixirs and medicines with healing properties, including the antidotes! What she held in her hand were all poison!

“Pry open her mouth.” Jun Wu Xie told Drunk Lotus.

Qin Yu Yan went ballistic as she struggled fiercely with all her might. But her strength was no match for Drunk Lotus’.

Drunk Lotus held Qin Yu Yan mouth open easily. She was helpless and could only stare wide eyed in fear as tears ran freely down her face and pleading sounds came out of her mouth as Drunk Lotus held her mouth open.

“Scared?” Jun Wu Xie looked at Qin Yu Yan and asked coldly.

Qin Yu Yan blinked her eyes rapidly. Not just plain scared, but absolutely terrified!

Qin Yu Yan had never met anyone insane like Jun Wu Xie, who actions went beyond reason. Even after knowing she was the Eldest Miss of the all powerful Qing Yun Clan, Jun Wu Xie was just as vicious!

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed as she looked upon the tear streaked face of Qin Yu Yan and asked: “When you set your hands upon Mo Qian Yuan, you had been fearless then.” The bottles of poison that Jun Wu Xie held within her hands, were exactly what Qin Yu Yan had forced into Mo Qian Yuan’s body. Qin Yu Yan felt the cold fingers of fear creep up on her, when she had forced fed the poisons into Mo Qian Yuan and saw him thrash and writhe in agony, she had watched on in satisfaction.

Without hesitation, Jun Wu Xie poured everything within those bottles into the wide open mouth of Qin Yu Yan. Drunk Lotus clamped Qin Yu Yan’s mouth shut and held it closed, forcing her to swallow the lethal poisons down her throat.

“Release her.” Jun Wu Xie then commanded.

Drunk Lotus tossed her aside and wiped his hands in disgust as if he had been holding something extremely filthy.

In moments, the poison in her stomach started to take effect. The mussed up Qin Yu Yan felt the sudden surge of agonizing pain throughout her body and curled up tightly on the floor and starting trembling violently. She wailed and howled through the pain, interjected with piercing screams, reduced to a sorry sight to behold.

Jun Wu Xie watched on coldly at Qin Yu Yan, her eyes devoid of any compassion or pity.

Magnanimity to your enemies equates to cruelty to yourself.

When the Qing Yun Clan had raised their hand against the Jun Family and Mo Qian Yuan, they had not shown a shred of compassion, the current situation had no place for unwanted and unneeded saintly benevolence.

When people take an inch, she reciprocates by taking a yard.

These people have caused harm to her family and her ally, and she was just returning the favour, tenfold!

“Since the Qing Yun Clan are as omnipotent as you put it, I shall leave you here in the main hall to save yourself. I will leave all those antidotes behind, all for you.” Jun Wu Xie told Qin Yu Yan.

As she said those words, Drunk Lotus and the one hiding in the corner, Bai Yun Xian, were stunned for the moment.

What was Jun Wu Xie saying? Did she just say she would leave Qin Yu Yan the antidote? Wouldn’t that allow Qin Yu Yan to escape her fate?

Even Qin Yu Yan who was still under unbearable torment, struggle to sit up at those words. Her eyes which had dimmed in resignation sparked with a glimmer of hope and her heart soared.

Jun Wu Xie would not kill her!

Jun Wu Xie observed Qin Yu Yan and raised her hand the next moment. An orange ball of spiritual energy formed out of her open palm, and streaked straight at the pile of antidotes on the ground and blasted them into fine powder. The highly prized antidotes and elixirs mixed in a heap, reduced to ash. Broken porcelain bits were mixed hopelessly among the charred black powder, impossible to separate.

“It’s all for you.”

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