GDBBM – Chapter 202

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Chapter  202: “Soul Calming Jade (4)”

The smile remained on Jun Wu Yao’s face, but the light in his eyes faded like the tide that did not come back to shore.

Jun Wu Xie was oblivious to the change and rambled on: “No need to harm them this time, I only need to see Mo Qian Yuan.”

That’s just great, I just need to send her into the arms of that damned Crown Prince!

Murder brewed deep within Jun Wu Yao’s eyes. Alright, he will bring her there, and at the same time, get rid of that eyesore, the newly minted Emperor!

When she didn’t hear a reply from Jun Wu Yao, Jun Wu Xie raised her head and saw the change in Jun Wu Yao’s eyes, and she bit her lip in contemplation.

She had forgotten that between Jun Wu Yao and her, they were not just strangers who made use of each other to achieve their goals.

Summoning up all that she had learnt since her rebirth from the Jun Family’s father and son duo in family interpersonal communication skills, Jun Wu Xie stiffened, and the words barely tumbled out of her mouth.

“Big brother?”

“…..”  A bolt of lightning struck Jun Wu Yao’s heart!

Winter left, and the ice and snow melted, and spring was the time of rebirth!

The chill of murder in his heart had thawed with the coming of spring and warmed his heart!

Jun Wu Yao was silent, as his tall slender frame flashed to come beside Jun Wu Xie, he whipped out his strong arms, and curled them around Jun Wu Xie tiny body. With a great leap, they soared into the air!

Jun Wu Xie instinctively reached her hands around Jun Wu Yao’s neck as a single leap had brought them up halfway into the skies. He carried her as they flew through the air, the stars above seemingly within reach if she reached out for them.

“Wu Xie.” Jun Wu Yao’s sounded in her ears amid the rush of the wind.


“Say it again.” The slightly hoarse voice was tinged with anticipation.

Jun Wu Xie stared blankly and was thought on it a moment before she realised what Jun Wu Yao was talking about.

“Big brother.”

The arms curled around Jun Wu Xie tightened, squeezing so tightly almost crushing her.

“Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, big brother will be with you. Alright?” Jun Wu Yao lowered his head and looked at Jun Wu Xie in his arms. She was so petite and light, but at that moment, she weighed a ton, and he had to summon all his strength to hold her or she might disappear from his grasp.

Jun Wu Xie sensed the turmoil of emotions in Jun Wu Yao and felt puzzled, and a sudden realization dawned on her.

This big guy might be extremely strong, but his heart might just be like hers.

The first time she had felt the care and concern from Jun Xian and Jun Qing, she had reacted in this exact same way.

Jun Wu Yao had only interacted with her and nobody else. He had treated her as the benefactor who saved his life and had developed a sense of reliance on her.

Jun Wu Xie who had been deprived of love, naturally linked Jun Wu Yao’s abnormal behaviour to her own bitter experience.

“Alright.” She nodded slightly.

She had Grandfather, Uncle, and maybe Father in the future. Adding a big brother to family was not too much to ask.

Jun Wu Yao smiled in satisfaction. He did not know what it was, that made this ignorant little girl finally open up, but no matter what it was, he was feeling fantastic!

The two of them with their fates closely entwined, had two totally opposing definitions for the two words, ‘big brother’.

Within the Lin Palace, little black cat sat in the courtyard, and stared up at the sky, looking at the diminishing speck, trembling in its inadequacy.

[Oh my! My Mistress has been kidnapped again!] [Mistress! Are you abandoning me!?] [Bring me along!]

Little Lotus who stood on one side, quietly scurried his short legs, and went towards the room, clambering towards the cabinet where the Jade Nectar was kept.

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