GDBBM – Chapter 199

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Chapter 199: “Soul Calming Jade (1)”

Jun Wu Xie had asked to leave Jun Gu’s body in her courtyard. As she was unable to touch the Soul Jade, Jun Wu Xie could only inspect Jun Gu’s physical body.

Her findings were beyond her expectations. Jun Gu’s body seemed as though it had been frozen when he died, and all his organs were still completely intact, with no signs of organ failure.

Ten years, not ten days, it could only be due to the Soul Jade. Jun Wu Xie could not think of any other reason that Jun Gu’s body could be so well preserved.

She knew from having touched the Soul Jade that it would exert an immense force to draw in unstable souls. When Jun Gu died, his body had been sent back to the Lin Palace immediately and was laid to rest the very next morning. That half of the Soul Jade had been placed in his mouth then and had stayed there ever since.

Jun Wu Xie had good reason to believe, that Jun Gu’s soul had not completely dispersed, and could very well be trapped within the Soul Jade.

If she could locate Jun Gu’s soul, and with his body in such a perfect condition, resurrection might not be an impossibility.

But she was faced with one big obstacle.

She could not initiate any contact with the Soul Jade, if she were to touch it, the Soul Jade would pull hard at her soul. A thorough inspection aside, she could not even see the back of the Soul Jade.

In regards to the Soul Jade, Jun Wu Xie could only look at it and the exasperation of only being able to guess was depriving her of much needed sleep.

Little Lotus toddled unsteadily on bare feet and came beside the coffin. He tiptoed and stretched his tiny form fully to peer in to look at Jun Gu’s face. He looked at Jun Gu and then he turned to look at Jun Wu Xie, his doleful eyes filled with amazement.

“Mistress! This big brother over here looks just like you!”

Little Lotus had seen Jun Xian, Jun Qing and Jun Wu Yao. He had seen all those that had blood relations to Jun Wu Xie, but this was the first time he saw someone that so closely resembled Jun Wu Xie.

Big brother….. Jun Wu Xie looked at the innocent faced Little Lotus and stretched out her hand to ruffle his hair and said: “He is my father.”

Big brother….. One was enough…..

“Father?” Little Lotus asked with his head tilted.

“Why does Mistress’ father have things from my Spirit World?”

Jun Wu Xie sat up, “Things from your Spirit World?”

Jun Wu Xie was not hearing Little Lotus mention of the Spirit World for the first time. She did not know what kind of place it was, but from what she heard from Little Lotus, it was not difficult to deduce that was where contractual spirits lived.

About this place that contractual spirits lived in, she had asked Jun Xian and Jun Qing about it when she first heard about it from Little Lotus, but they had never heard anything about it.

It was to be expected. Although many people had contractual spirits, they were usually either spirits of weapons, or spirits of animals. They were able to establish a form of bond through their link, but they very not able to communicate verbally. Little Lotus might have been a plant spirit, but he had the ability to transform into a human. This ability, had enabled Jun Wu Xie to be privy to information not known by others, from a contractual spirit.

“Isn’t that the Soul Calming Jade?” Little Lotus clambered clumsily up the coffin, needing all four of his limbs. His little finger pointed at the Soul Jade in Jun Gu’s mouth. “Ehh….. this Soul Calming Jade is broken. Why is it broken in half?” Little Lotus scratched his tiny head, baffled.

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