GDBBM – Chapter 159

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Chapter 159: “Playing Judge (1)”

“Kneel.” Jun Wu Xie’s amused voice echoed in the main hall.

Mo Xuan Fei stared in disbelief at what he thought he just heard and was stunned, unable to retort.

Not just Mo Xuan Fei, even Mo Qian Yuan who was on Jun Wu Xie’s side was caught unawares and stood in silence.

“You…..”  Mo Xuan Fei continued, but Jun Wu Xie did not want to hear any more of the rubbish he would have spouted and released two red flashes of light from her fingertips that streaked towards Mo Xuan Fei’s knees.

Before anyone could react, Mo Xuan Fei screamed out, his legs felt as if they had been broken, and he fell to his knees with a crack in front of Jun Wu Xie. Bai Yun Xian who was in his arms was dragged down with him and she fell to the floor on her behind with a bump.

Jun Wu Xie looked down from her higher vantage point upon the face of Mo Xuan Fei.

“Whatever you have to say, say it kneeling down.”

Jun Wu Xie was smiling so much, she was practically beaming. Blood started to flow out from the knees of Mo Xuan Fei, staining the shiny marble below his legs.

The imperious royalty, had all subjects kneel in respect of the distinguished Imperial Family. Since they liked having kneel, they should try it out themselves.

The air in the enormous main hall was deadly still as everyone stared tongue tied at Jun Wu Xie, with eyes wide open.

Bai Yun Xian stood up disheveled. The blood from Mo Xuan Fei’s knees had stained the hem on her dress. Her tightly tied hair had slightly loosened and she pulled on Mo Xuan Fei’s hand to help him stand. The slightest movement made Mo Xuan Fei howl in pain.

“Jun Wu Xie! You’ve gone mad!” Bai Yun Xian had not met anyone so barbaric and unreasonable, she made him fall to his knees without so much as a single word.

Jun Wu Xie glanced at Bai Yun Xian with a brow raised, taking that as a compliment.

Bai Yun Xian hurriedly checked the pulse for Mo Xuan Fei, and found the spiritual power with him choked, and his tendons, veins and both his blood and spiritual arteries below his knees sealed completely, which made him unable to feel his legs.

How did Jun Wu Xie do that!?

What were those two suspicious streaks of light?

Mo Xuan Fei was still moaning in pain, and the Emperor cringed and looked away. Although Mo Qian Yuan had led an army into the Imperial Palace, and his words filled with barely veiled threats, he had at least maintained a semblance of civility.

Who would have thought, the moment Jun Wu Xie made her move, she would be so vicious and unrestrained.

A high and mighty Second Prince of Qi, had to go down on his knees before he could speak!

The Emperor gripped the arm on his throne tightly, forcing the words threatening to burst forth back in, and gritted his teeth, trying his hardest to maintain his composure.

He had better not rattle that lunatic any further!

Jun Wu Xie smiled radiantly.

“I sealed the blood flow in both his legs, if the pressure points are not released in two hours, he will never stand up again.”

People have mocked her uncle for his paralysis for a decade, the Imperial Family had made a show of their concern and gifted ginseng and lingzhi unendingly. But they had never done anything to stop or admonish the people who threw insults and hurled abuse at the him. His uncle had been paralysed for the Kingdom of Qi for a decade, if the Imperial Family had appreciated the sacrifice, they could easily have stopped the wagging tongues. They had instead turned a deaf ear to them and condoned the malicious lies and theories to spread and take hold, leaving my uncle to live on in torment and abuse.

Today, she will make the Emperor’s favourite Second Prince, have a taste of the same.

“Such a superficial wound, for an esteemed disciple of Qing Yun Clan, it should be easily cleared right?” Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes and looked at Bai Yun Xian.

Whatever they hold most dear to their hearts, she will crumble it into dust before their eyes to let them feel despair.

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