GDBBM – Chapter 155

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Chapter 155: “The Show Begins (2)”

Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes and looked at the excited Mo Qian Yuan.

“The Yu Lin Army had been holed up within the Imperial Palace all this time, and the people think that there are traitors within them. They have petitioned for me to go flush them out!” Mo Qian Yuan exclaimed, unable to withhold the excitement he was feeling. He knew Jun Wu Xie’s plan. She had held back the Rui Lin Army, and waited as he gathered more support from the people.

In the face of overwhelming odds, having Mo Qian Fei distribute the antidote to the people and letting him claim all the credit had done the trick. The overwhelming support from the people that the Crown Prince had gained erased all traces of the once fumbling and muddleheaded Crown Prince from their minds.

Jun Wu Xie’s had planned for the regime change, but she had also cherished the reputation of the Lin Palace. Hence, she had been waiting for an opportunity. And now, Bai Yun Xian had presented this chance to her on a silver platter, wouldn’t it be rude to reject and hurt the poor girl’s feelings?

This time, both Mo Qian Fei and the Rui Lin Army, had a legitimate reason to enter the Imperial Palace!

If the Emperor were to stop them, he would have to face some rather incriminating charges.

The crime of poisoning the whole city’s populace, not even the Emperor can stand against charges like this!

“I see.” Jun Wu Xie replied coolly, busying with the lotus.

Mo Qian Yuan’s face was red with excitement, “How are you so calm? Are you not excited?” For things to take such an unexpected turn was something Mo Qian Yuan could never even have dreamed of. And the one who planned it all, was Jun Wu Xie!

Everything had already fallen in place. The Rui Lin Army had a reason to enter the Imperial Palace legitimately, and the rest would be a walk in the park!

Jun Wu Xie was about to achieve her goals, how can she remain so calm?

“Excited? Why?” Jun Wu Xie tilted her head, her smooth black hair over her shoulder, her eyes tinged with query.

Mo Qian Yuan was speechless.

“This was the plan, nothing to get excited about.” Jun Wu Xie went back to her tasks. She did not need emotions that cloud her judgements. She only needed to think through and review every step in her plan and ensure she did not slip up, and that would  be enough.

In her eyes, the Emperor was as good as dead, she needed to think how she was going to “repay” Bai Yun Xian’s “present” to her.

Mo Qian Yuan did not know what to say. Since that night when the Rui Lin Army stormed the Imperial Palace, he had never seen much of a change of expression on Jun Wu Xie.

The smile he saw that night, brought death and emptiness, so beautiful yet so terrifying.

“When do you plan to lead the troops to the Imperial Palace?” Mo Qian Yuan realised, that the moment Jun Wu Xie leads the Rui Lin Army into the Imperial Palace, the throne of Qi will change hands.

“In two hours.” Jun Wu Xie replied.

“So soon?”

“While the people are still raging.” The fruit was ripe for the picking, it was time.

Mo Qian Yuan understood. “I will go inform Long Qi.” he said and ran off to prepare.

Jun Wu Xie sat back in her chair, her eye tinged in frost.

[Is Mistress going on a rampage again?] The little black cat jumped onto the table, licking its furry paws, its voice pitched higher in unbridled anticipation.

The symphony of death written with fresh blood, just beautiful.

Jun Wu Xie glanced at the little black cat and intoned: “I just want the Jun Family safe.”

If left undisturbed, she did not bite. If the uninformed were to step on her toes, she would render them to pieces, scatter their souls, and cease to exist!

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