GDBBM – Chapter 138

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Chapter 138: “The Shaky Throne (3)”

“What on earth happened?” Bai Yun Xian asked when she saw the pale faced duo and put aside her irritation for having her sleep interrupted.

The Emperor cast a glance from the corner of his eyes at Mo Xuan Fei and in tacit understanding, he put up a front of solemnity and related the night’s events. In his narration, he twisted the facts to drag Bai Yun Xian into the picture by saying that Jun Wu Xie’s incredulous actions were due to her jealousy and anger at being spurned by Mo Xuan Fei for Bai Yun Xian.

“Jun Wu Xie has locked down the Imperial City, to force me to hand you over to her. How can I bear to do that? Rest assured, even at the cost of my life, I will ensure you remain safe.” Mo Xuan Fei held Bai Yun Xian’s hands tightly in his, looking like nothing in the world mattered more to him than her lovely self.

Bai Yun Xian was stunned in silence and looked blankly at Mo Xuan Fei.

“You said, Jun Wu Xie wants you to hand me over to her?” Her eyes wide with shock.

Jun Wu Xie dares to mess with me!?

Does she not know the might of the Qing Yun Clan!?

“Yun Xian! I will not let her have her way! That lunatic will get to you only over my dead body!” Mo Xuan Fei hugged Bai Yun Xian tightly, unwilling to let go.

The Emperor looked on in approval, and taciturnly nodded at Mo Xuan Fei.

Mo Xuan Fei smiled, his face hidden away from Bai Yun Xian.

“Jun Wu Xie has overestimated herself, she thinks she had rendered me helpless by locking down the city? It’s just the Rui Lin Army!” Bai Yun Xian pushed Mo Xuan Fei away in anger. She was touched by the Mo Xuan Fei’s deep feeling for her, but Jun Wu Xie’s actions were an affront to her dignity.

A mere Miss from the Lin Palace to face her? What a joke!

Seeing that she had bought the story, the Emperor and Mo Xuan Fei felt like rubbing their hands in glee, but they kept their facades on, looking aggrieved for the affront to Bai Yun Xun.

“Yun Xian, you have a plan?” Mo Xuan Fei asked.

Bai Yun Xian nodded and raised her hand. Worn on her index finger, a shiny gold band started to shimmer in a white glow, and a white glowing butterfly coalesced with that light, flapping its translucent wings, a beautiful sight to behold.

This is my contracted spirit. Butterfly of Compassion, The Min Butterfly. It is capable of transformation. In the night, it will not be seen. The Rui Lin Army has the Imperial City locked down? That remains to be seen!” Bai Yun Xian laughed. She had harboured a deep dislike for Jun Wu Xie all this while, and now she dares to go openly go against her?

That works out just fine for her. It is time the Young Miss of the Lin Palace learnt her place and realise how miniscule the Lin Palace is. She can crush them with a wag of her finger!

“That’s fantastic! With the Min Butterfly, no matter how capable Jun Wu Xie is, she cannot stop us from sending for reinforcements! Yun Xian, it is all in your hands! A hundred and fifty miles southeast from here, there is a garrison. Once you send the news out, the army will deploy and the Rui Lin Army will not be a threat!” Mo Xuan Fei lit up with joy. He was right to choose Bai Yun Xian! No matter how brutal Jun Wu Xie was, she commands only an army of a hundred thousand here. With the rest of the Jun Family’s army stationed at the borders, they will not back it back in time even if they rode their horses to death!

Bai Yun Xian glanced at Mo Xuan Fei and prodded her butterfly. It fluttered its wings and flew out the window, the translucent wings blending into the dark of night, invisible to the eye and seemed to have disappeared.

“Garrison? No, I informed my master.” She will let Jun Wu Xie learn the hard way, the Qing Yun Clan is not to be trifled with!

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