GDBBM – Chapter 1154

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Chapter 1154: “Mob Slap – First Form (3)”

Let him become the opening act for Little Xie’s grand show, her massacre of vengeance, using the blood to be spilled, as an offering to commemorate the deaths of all the Rui Lin Army soldiers who have died!

The blood rain washed over the Prosper Country’s soldiers, driving insane fear into their hearts, to push them closer bit by bit, towards the edge of a hopeless and bottomless abyss!

“Why….. why….. We have absolutely no intention to make an enemy out of the Fire Country! It’s a misunderstanding! There must have been a misunderstanding behind it!” The Prosper Country’s Chief Commander felt the strength drain out of his legs completely, never before had he seen such a terrifying massacre, crushing the lives out of a thousand men in an instant by the hand of just one man!

That man who was like the Devil himself, just who could he really be! ?

Jun Wu Yao merely looked smilingly at the Prosper Country’s Chief Commander.

The moment the Prosper Country’s army had taken the first step into the borders of the Qi Kingdom, they had been hopelessly doomed to die here on their lands!

The Fire Country’s army then crashed into the Prosper Country’s camp resoundingly!

That swift and ferocious charge, rendered the Prosper Country’s army defenceless in their fear!

The army of the mightiest country throughout the entire lands, was not what a puny little Prosper Country could hope to compare to!

The armoured cavalry sliced into the camp, the towering war stallions sending the stunned enemy soldiers flying into the air. Under the iron shod hooves, many lives were terminated one after another!

The enemy soldiers whose hands were stained with the blood of the Rui Lin Army soldiers, were sent straight right into hell in quick succession!

In the midst of the enemy army that had been terrorized into utter disarray, the Prosper Country’s Chief Commander was caught in a frenzied fluster. The Fire Country’s armoured cavalry charged in around him, but he was the lone one left standing in his spot, not a single attack thrown towards him, and no one bothered about him.

Watching the entire army he helmed floundering helplessly under the thundering charge of the Fire Country’s armoured cavalry, the Prosper Country’s Chief Commander’s heart sank into the bottom of a gorge.

He had thought that the Prosper Country’s army of several hundred thousand should at least be able to hold out for a period, but when he saw the ferocity and fearlessness of the Fire Country’s army, all sense of hope he held were utterly dashed!

Although the Fire Country’s armoured cavalry were not as dominating and ferocious as the Rui Lin Army, but their coordination and overall might was still at a very high level. With the additional advantage of the Fire Country’s overwhelming numbers, and with the Prosper Country’s army being attacked unprepared….. The Prosper Country’s soldiers were all already fearful of the Fire Country’s mighty reputation and in the current situation, they really could not summon up the will to fight, resulting in them getting completely trashed!

“Why! ? Why! ? The Prosper Country had never offended the Fire Country! Why is the Fire Country raising their sword against us! ? With the Fire Country being the biggest country, you had actually sneaked up and attacked us like this! If news of this is leaked out, wouldn’t you become the joke of people across the lands! ?” The Chief Commander screamed desperately. He could not make himself believe that all of this was happening to him at this moment, just when they had eliminated the Qi Kingdom’s armies, and were all prepared to sit back and enjoy the rewards, that beautiful dream was suddenly mercilessly crushed!

Suddenly, an icy voice sounded right above the Prosper Country’s Chief Commander’s head!

“What crime did the Qi Kingdom commit? Why did the four countries ally together to invade them? What is the crime of the Qi Kingdom! ? Did the four countries give the Qi Kingdom the slightest bit of an opportunity to prepare themselves! ?”

That voice struck the Chief Commander’s head like a bolt of lightning and he snapped his head up immediately. With the sun behind, he saw the silhouette of a figure seated atop a towering war horse just at his side.

That person was dressed in a suit of silver armour, and the glare from the light behind him caused one to be unable to see his face. But the chilling murderous aura that surrounded the figure made even the Chief Commander who had lived through numerous battles felt his scalp suddenly feel numb!

“It’s the Condor Country….. It’s the Condor Country….. The Condor Country wanted us to do that! We were not a match for the Condor Country and we had no choice but to subject ourselves to their instructions!” The Chief Commander squeaked through chattering teeth, as the figure atop the horse stood over him was like his worst nightmare, that sent chills into his heart.

“We….. We had not really wanted to attack the Qi Kingdom. This was all the Condor Country’s idea!” The Chief Commander could only try to shift the blame after hearing the questions from the figure towering over him, as he still did not understand why the Fire Country would be so concerned about the fate of a tiny country like the Qi Kingdom!


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