GDBBM – Chapter 1147

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Chapter 1147: “A Soldier’s Spirit Lives On (4)”

Inside the military camp, Long Qi stared at the letter he held in his trembling hands that he had just received, his cold hard face showing a crack of his emotions.

“Chief General…..” The Rui Lin Army soldiers were staring worriedly at Long Qi.

Long Qi was silent for a long while before he suddenly stood up. He put the letter on the table and grabbed his cape to secure it upon his shoulders. Picking up his sword, he ran out from the camp and leapt onto his warhorse, charging straight towards the battlefield!

A soldier within the camp looked in shock at Long Qi who had suddenly turned murderous. He turned feeling highly puzzled and saw the letter that Long Qi had left behind on the table. He subconsciously picked up the letter and swept his eyes over it!

In that instant!

Every word on that letter drove the soldier into deeper shock!

[To be opened by: Long Qi, my son] [Your old man has been relieved of my armour and returned to pasture for many years. Finally, a battle has arrived that allows me to return to the battlefield. Today, I stand together with the Lord of the Green City in battle, swearing to defend the soil of the Qi Kingdom to the death. If you receive this letter, it will mean that your old man’s soul has returned to the Heavens and do not grief when you see this letter. You know that men of the Long Family shed blood and not tears. Our bodies are branded with the Rui Lin Army’s spirit and do not besmirch the Rui Lin Army’s name! I look forward to seeing my son eliminate more of the enemy’s leaders on the battlefield and protect the Qi Kingdom’s empire from being stolen by thieves!

Long Zhan.

“It’s the Senior General….. The Senior General…..” The soldier fell back to sit upon the ground in shock. Another soldier who was patrolling suddenly saw the first soldier looking like he saw a ghost and he came running inside in a hurry.

“What happened?”

The first soldier’s face was filled with despair as he gripped at his comrade’s sleeve tightly!

“The day before, news that the Green City had been destroyed came in. Do you still remember that!”

The soldier was surprised a moment before he nodded quickly.

The battle at the Green City, was said to be extraordinarily intense. A city that should have been abandoned had suddenly put up a strong and powerful defense!

According to rumours, the people who took part in the battle had not only been the Lord of the Green City and his soldiers, but a powerful troop of reinforcements had joined them. In the end, even all the men of the Green City had turned back after being evacuated to join in with the battle!

A single Green City, had well and proper held the enormous Condor Country Army back for the entirety of three days and three nights!

At the moment the city was breached, a sea of the enemy’s dead bodies lay, and there wasn’t a single person still alive within!

“It was the Senior General! Those reinforcements was actually the Senior General! ! ! Argh! ! ! ! !” The soldier continued to wail in despair.

The other soldier immediately froze, his face quickly overtaken by shock. He could not believe what his own ears had just heard.

“Go stop the Chief General! Go stop him quickly! He has gone to take on the enemy by himself! !”

On the battlefield, Long Qi’s eyes saw only red, the maliciously murderous aura flaring out from his entire being, driving all the enemy soldiers back with none daring to take a single step forward!

As his hand lifted, his sword cut down!

Long Qi was like the Reaper on the battlefield, using the endless slaughter and countless blood sprays to numb himself.

Men of the Long Family sheds blood and not tears…..

He knew that from the moment his father had been made to withdraw from the army, he had always longed for the day to come when he would be able to return to the battlefield, to don his armour, to slay the enemy! His father had waded in battles for far too many years, and the soldier’s spirit had already been irrecoverably branded into his blood and bones. The day would come where he would finally be able to step into the flames of war, in a brilliant display of his radiant glory on the merciless battlefield!

[Father had been born with the soul of a soldier, to live through the battlefield, to finally die in the battlefield…..]

Long Qi suddenly looked up at the skies, and a roar tore out from deep within his heart!

The long spear gripped within his hand swung in an arc, the blood hanging off the tip scattering across the land!

“I, Long Qi, swear to the Heavens, that as long as there is still one man still alive in the Rui Lin Army, no one can ever think they can take the lands of the Qi Kingdom from us!” Long Qi said as he sat atop his handsome tall stallion, his long spear thumping into the ground, his murderous gaze sweeping over every enemy soldier around him!

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