GDBBM – Chapter 1132

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Chapter 1132: “Getting a Wife (2)”

How had it in such a short period of time, suddenly turned out that the person taking a wife was Hua Yao instead! ?

Qiao Chu was making a big show of how he was not able to accept it!

Everyone’s gazes immediately fell onto the figure of Qiao Chu who was hopping with indignant fury.

“I say, for Brother Hua to be taking a wife, it’s a happy occasion. Why are you getting so agitated?” Fei Yan asked, an eyebrow raised, staring at Qiao Chu with an evil glint in his eyes.

Qiao Chu’s face immediately turned red, and quickly quipped: “Brother Hua and me are brothers through life and death. How can he marry a wife ahead of me? Wouldn’t that leave me to become just a lonely shadow? How pitiful will I then become?”

“Oh! Now I see why.” Fei Yan deliberately dragged out his voice over the words.

Qiao Chu became even more embarrassed.

Hua Yao cleared his throat and looked at Jun Wu Xie: “How do you intend to do it?”

Before Jun Wu Xie could speak, Qiao Chu butted right in and said anxiously: “Brother Hua, you wouldn’t really go get yourself a wife right? Will you?”

Hua Yao shot him a scathing glance, looking exceptional cold and lofty.

Jun Wu Xie then said: “You will only need to alter your looks to look like me, and carry out the rites for the wedding ceremony and that will do. In the eyes of everybody else, I will be the one marrying her.”

Immediately after Jun Wu Xie said those words, Qiao Chu finally heaved a huge sigh of relief and the gaze that Fei Yan gave Qiao Chu became even stranger.

Hua Yao nodded and said: “Alright.”

“Brother Hua, how unprincipled are you? Just have to ask you to marry and you are agreeing to it immediately?” Fei Yan said with a broad smile on his face.

Jun Wu Xie shot a glance at Fei Yan and Fei Yan immediately knew that it was time to shut up.

“I am thinking, Little Xie. You wouldn’t be bringing Qu Ling Yue to tag along with us in future would you?” Qiao Chu had finally managed to revert to normal. He had a general idea of what Jun Wu Xie was planning and that was all merely done to protect Qu Ling Yue. But they had already found the human skin map and they would need to head off to other places, to continue searching for the rest of the maps. Based on the situations they had run into with the previous maps, what they would face next would not be something that Qu Ling Yue would be able to handle.

Qu Ling Yue’s aptitude in her spirit powers might be considered to have been highly gifted for people in the Lower Realm, but in the eyes of this bunch with their demonic growth, she was still too weak. All the dangers that they would be facing, would not be suitable for Qu Ling Yue to be a part of at all.

Jun Wu Xie shook her head and said: “It depends on her choice. If she wants to remain here, she will just continue to stay within the Thousand Beast City. If not, I will have her go to the Qi Kingdom and seek out my Grandfather.”

Qu Ling Yue was a really nice girl, and she shouldn’t be made to suffer all this. And this was also a rare moment of compassion from Jun Wu Xie.

“Er…..” Qiao Chu unconsciously imagined a strange image in his head. Qu Ling Yue goes to the Qi Kingdom, and kneels to greet the elderly Grandfather Jun, stately clearly “I am the granddaughter in law of your Jun Family”, thinking rather accurately that Grandfather Jun might suddenly find himself so shocked to be completely covered in cold sweat.

Jun Wu Xie always liked to stuff people back to the Lin Palace whenever she felt like it. There were Mu Chen, Yin Yan, and then there was also Mu Qian Fan. Now Qu Ling Yue was going to be added on to the list….. Qiao Chu really had to take his hat off to Jun Wu Xie for this strange habit she had developed.

“That might work. Hope she makes a full recovery.” Fan Zhuo nodded slightly, in agreement to how Jun Wu Xie was going to deal with the situation. They could see that Jun Wu Xie was giving Qu Ling Yue preferential treatment and that must have been due to the guilt Jun Wu Xie felt towards Qu Ling Yue.

For Qu Ling Yue to gain a good refuge, it would also take part of the worry and guilt off Jun Wu Xie’s mind.

“Then just leave this matter in our hands to go handle it, I guarantee that we’ll make it a grand affair, and it would not disgrace Qu Ling Yue in anyway.” Fei Yan said confidently, thumping his chest in assurance.

Jun Wu Xie nodded. She hoped to give Qu Ling Yue a grand and magnificent wedding, one that would allow Qu Ling Yue to hold her head up before the people of the Thousand Beast City, to make every single one of them see, that Qu Ling Yue was a person Jun Xie stood behind, and no one was to bully her!


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