GDBBM – Chapter 1126

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Chapter 1126: “Who Dares Say One Word More (3)”

Jun Wu Xie did not say anything. Her silence made Xiong Ba even more nervous. But just as Xiong Ba was feeling so nervous that he was about to run out through the doors, another Clan Chief of the Thousand Beast City came in following Xiong Ba’s footsteps.

“Young Master Jun!” That Clan Chief was advanced in age and had met Jun Xie before, but that had been when he was with Qu Wen Hao trying to capture Lord Meh Meh.

When Xiong Ba saw that Clan Chief, his chest immediately felt highly stifled and seemed to want to say something, but felt that quarrelling with the man in front of Jun Xie and Qiao Chu might not be appropriate, so he merely gritted his teeth and glared at him.

“Young Master Jun, you are the benefactor of the Thousand Beast City. Now that the Grand Chieftain is of unsound mind, the Thousand Beast City needs someone who is convincing to temporarily take on the position of the Thousand Beast City. Young Master Jun had not taken it against us and saved the entire Thousand Beast City and this old man here has no choice but to come here thick skinned to plead for Young Master Jun to help us all another time, to temporarily become our Grand Chieftain.” The Clan Chief offered his greetings respectfully to Jun Xie, his words uttered out clearly unlike the nervous Xiong Ba.

Xiong Ba glared at the old man discreetly, wishing deeply he could kill that man with a single slap.

Regarding the matter about who was to assume the position of the Grand Chieftain, this old man had been the one who had argued with him the hardest. The man was loyal to the Thousand Beast City but his unbending and one tracked mind had frequently angered Xiong Ba so much that made Xiong Ba always want to get into a physical fight with him.

“What has it got to do with me?” Jun Wu Xie replied, her eyes narrowing slightly.

The Clan Chief was taken aback. He had been aware that Jun Xie had previously declared he was cutting off ties with the Thousand Beast City but at the Thousand Beast City’s most critical time of crisis, Jun Xie had helped them push back the insurmountable odds, which had let him see a sliver of hope. Hence, he was surprised that Jun Xie had flatly rejected him without even giving his suggestion a single thought.

Qiao Chu watching from the side could not hold himself back anymore. Jun Wu Xie had interfered because she had a bone to pick with Qu Xin Rui and it didn’t have anything to do with the Thousand Beast City. They had been already been saved because of that and that was not enough, they could actually be so shameless and even had the cheek to come as Jun Wu Xie to be their Grand Chieftain! ? What cheek!

“I say, who is this old man here? Are you even fit to speak out here? Your Grand Chieftain of the Thousand Beast City might have lost his mind, but his daughter is still here well and alive. Since you guys are looking for a new Grand Chieftain, by all reasons, the rightful choice should be Qu Ling Yue! Why are you all here seeking our Little Xie to take on the job! ?” Qiao Chu asked, his face immediately darkening.

Towards Xiong Ba, he could still consider to be cordial. But with this thick skinned old Clan Chief, he did not have the slightest inclination to be polite at all.

Who would have known. Once Qu Ling Yue’s name was mentioned, the old Clan Chief’s face immediately creased up.

“With our Thousand Beast City’s stellar reputation at stake, how could we let such an offensive and immoral woman become our Grand Chieftain? If news of it were to spread, we would be seen as the biggest joke!”

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed up immediately and she stared coldly at the old Clan Chief, all warmth disappearing from her eyes in an instant.

“She is in possession of an unclean body and if she was to become the Thousand Beast City’s Grand Chieftain, how could she convince the people? Such a filthy girl, if keeping her just as a commoner, it can be disregarded. But to let her lead the glory of the entire city…..” The old Clan Chief’s brows knotted together, his eyes with disdain written all over them.

Xiong Ba was so angered by those words his entire body was trembling with rage. In the recent days past, he had heard quite a lot of similar things like this said, and his heart had already been shooting off with anger, driving him to rush forward to give the old Clan Chief a punch on the face.

But someone’s actions had been faster than Xiong Ba!

The old man’s voice had barely fallen when the figure of Jun Wu Xie had suddenly appeared right in front of him in a flash, and with a whip of her leg, the old man had been sent flying out through the doors of the Heavenly Cloud Chambers!


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