GDBBM – Chapter 1116

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Chapter 1116: “I Came To Bring You Home (3)”

After saying that, Jun Wu Xie lifted her foot to step inside the dungeon cell!

In the dim and dark cell, a tiny figure huddled wretchedly in a corner. Borrowing from the dim candlelight, Jun Wu Xie got a clear view of the state the figure was in. The figure’s fair and smooth skin was exposed and completely uncovered, long chains locked around her four limbs, their clear clinking sounds audible in tandem to her uncontrollable trembling.

Upon that thin slender body, green and purple bruises were visible all over, and her head of beautiful hair that was once the envy of many girls was now matted in knots like dry grass, turning into the only thing that could cover her body…..

Qu Ling Yue, the Young Miss of the Thousand Beast City, a young girl that should have grown up cherished within the palms of the masses, had now turned to be put in such a pitiable state.

Around her, several men in different states of undress had fallen in pools of blood, obviously having been killed by Ye Sha when he had charged in here earlier.

The fact that these men had been here, was telling Jun Wu Xie one thing in no uncertain terms, that till the moment Ye Sha had charged in here, Qu Ling Yue had still be humiliated and helplessly further tainted by these men worse than beasts!

At that moment, Jun Wu Xie felt her stomach start to turn. She could not hold herself back and retched but nothing came out, where she almost dropped Lord Meh Meh onto the ground!

“Don’t look!” Jun Wu Yao suddenly pulled Jun Wu Xie into his arms.

The temperature within Jun Wu Xie’s body was dropping alarmingly fast, her hands so chillingly cold like they had just been pulled out from ice, and were shaking faintly.

To Jun Wu Xie who was an extreme clean freak, the trauma that struck at her from something like this was more severe than anything else she could imagine!

That day, Qu Xin Rui had merely kissed her once on her face and she had already wished that she could tear her face off, while Qu Ling Yue’s situation had been that much more horrifying!

Jun Wu Xie was held tightly within Jun Wu Yao’s embrace, her eyes staring widely, the emotions brewing within those eyes unfathomable.

Maybe Jun Wu Yao’s actions had startled Qu Ling Yue huddled in the corner and she suddenly let out growl like a wild animal. She had been quiet and unmoving but she was suddenly struggling wildly. She pulled at the chains restraining her and unintelligible wails escaped from her mouth.

Jun Wu Xie suddenly pushed Jun Wu Yao away, and she drew in several deep breaths, fighting to quell the nausea deep within her stomach. She pushed Lord Meh Meh into Jun Wu Yao’s arms and turned to take wide strides to come next to Qu Ling Yue!

At that moment, Qu Ling Yue was like she had completely lost her mind, as she struggled violently, wanting to avoid everything. The blood from the dead men around her stained her fair skinned feet blood red. She did not seem to care that all four of her limbs were bound by thick chains, only using every single ounce of her strength to try to break free from everything at this place!

Jun Wu Xie stood before Qu Ling Yue, looking at the now completely different person she had known, and her heart winced up in pain.

“No….. No…..” Qu Ling Yue wailing cries resounded throughout the entire dungeon, trying her hardest to hide herself in the corner, her terror filled eyes overflowing with tears.

Her hands and feet had obvious wounds showing on them, the skin under the chains broken and her flesh opened up where the whites of her bones could even be seen in some spots…..

Struggling so violently, and with such severe injuries on her, she did not seem to care. Only the Heavens knew what kind of unspeakable torment she had suffered over that period of time.

“Don’t be afraid.” Jun Wu Xie tried her best to make her voice sound gentle, as she approached the terrified Qu Ling Yue a little bit by bit.


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