GDBBM – Chapter 1109

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(Translator’s Note from Cloud: Gory descriptions of torture inflicted inside this chapter. Be warned! But who could resist the satisfaction of these depictions of agony heaped upon that old witch QXR after all she had done! ? All hail Jun Wu Yao! Do not read while eating…. especially tomato soup with meat or reddish coloured dishes! This is A WARNING! ! !)

Chapter 1109: “Face Slap – Eleventh Form (11)”

The oppressive aura was so intense that it made them feel as if their chests were going to explode. This was something Shen Chi and his companions had never experienced before!

The man had not even made any moves but they were already so overwhelmed by that intense aura. The fancy that Qu Xin Rui had held in her heart quickly dissipated as cold sweat beaded on her forehead, her face immediately turning ashen!

With just his oppressive aura alone, and it was already able to overwhelm a Purple Spirit. Just how powerful could that man be! ?

They did not even dare to think.

For auras as oppressive as this, they had only experienced from several of the Lords of the Twelve Palaces before, but that situation had happened only after the Lord of the Palace had consciously pushed their auras into an intense flare.

But for this man before their eyes, he had not done a single thing, but just to walk slowly towards them in approach, and there were already feeling it so strongly!

“Who….. Who are you…..” Ever since Qu Xin Rui came back to the Thousand Beast City, this was the first time she felt fear, as she gazed in terror at the man who was a little too outrageously good looking.

A devilish smile was upon Jun Wu Yao’s face as he looked at the ashen faced Qu Xin Rui with a slighted lifted eyebrow.

“It was you.” He seemed to be talking to himself, yet sounding like he was questioning Qu Xin Rui at the same time.

“Wh….. Wha….. What…..” Qu Xin Rui was stunned, not knowing what Jun Wu Yao was talking about.

The smile at the edges of Jun Wu Yao’s mouth grew deeper. He raised his right hand lazily, lightly moving the fourth finger on his right hand.

A ray of black shadowy light flashed, like an arrow shot from a bow, flying in an instant straight at Qu Xin Rui’s mouth!

“ARRRGH!” A shrill and mournful scream escaped out from Qu Xin Rui’s mouth. That black shadow had instantly struck her mouth and a large amount of blood was spurting out from it!

Within the greatly bloodied mouth Qu Xin Rui held open from agony, it could be seen that her tongue was rotting at an alarmingly quick rate!

The rotted chunks of flesh shot out of her mouth together with blood and goo, splattering all over the ground!

Qu Xin Rui only felt as if someone was burning her tongue with a red hot branding iron, the agony of the highly stinging burn wrecking upon her, making her unable to even remain standing as she fell to the ground helplessly, writhing as her entire body rolled around, clutching at her mouth in futility!

The blood and goo, mixed with broken pieces of flesh, continued to flow out through the gaps between her fingers, the red splatters, spilling all around her, a strong stinking bloody stench spreading endlessly from her spot!

All of a sudden, everyone’s eyes grew wide with horror and incredulity, as they stared at Qu Xin Rui writhing in agony upon the dirty ground.

Almost everyone present could not react at all, not knowing what had exactly happened…..

Having terrorized and riding roughshod over the entire Thousand Beast City, Qu Xin Rui who called the shots for more than a decade there….. had actually fallen to the ground in less than a blink, writhing like a dying dog, her entire body twisting in agony as she let out shrill and ear piercing wails!

That unbelievable scene, made everyone in the Thousand Beast City let out a loud gasp!

They knew better than anyone the kind of power Qu Xin Rui possessed. How Qu Xin Rui had washed the Thousand Beast City with blood that fateful year was still fresh in their minds. The mighty Purple Spirit was the nightmare that gripped at all their hearts, and they had never ever thought that anyone could topple that old hag so easily like this…..

But that most highly impossible and unimaginable scene, was at that very moment, playing out right before their eyes.

Jun Wu Yao had merely casually moved a finger, and he had immediately sent Qu Xin Rui into such boundless Hell!

In the entire Thousand Beast City, everything else was silent. Only the lone crying wails of Qu Xin Rui resonated reaching high to the clouds!


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