GDBBM – Chapter 105

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Chapter 105: “A Storm is Brewing (1)”

After Jun Wu Xie departed, the expressions of Jun Xian and Jun Qing darkened.

“The matter about Lin Yue Yang is true?” Jun Qing brought up the discussion they had earlier before Jun Wu Xie came.

Jun Xian nodded solemnly, “It is strange, Lin Yue Yang has always been honest and upright and does not hold a high rank. But recently, the number of impeachments against him has been astounding, and the Emperor has ordered investigations into it.”

“Lin Yue Yang saved the life of my brother, if not for his report on the spies within the army collaborating with the enemies, my brother might have lost that war.” Jun Qing sighed at the favour the Jun Family owed to Lin Yue Yang.

“Yes, he is an honest man, and no fool. When he was promoted to an official post in the Imperial City, he distanced himself from Lin Palace. He might have sensed something and drew a clear line between us. For many years, we have not met him much though we all live in Imperial City. Lin Yue Yang has been subtle all this time, who would harbour ill intentions against him?” Jun Xian pondered, for a man holding an unimportant post, without any authority, not involved in Court matters, who can he offend?

“Are you going to investigate, Father?” Jun Qing queried.

Jun Xian sighed, “Your brother owes him a debt of gratitude, and he is an honest man. It it wasn’t for that incident with our Jun Family, the Emperor would not even begin to suspect a border guard to be in collusion with our Jun Family. We are responsible for dragging him into this mess.”

Jun Qing thought back to the past when Lin Palace was at its peak, before his brother died for the country, before he was crippled, its glory and grandeur covered and protected them. Since its decline, in the absence of its former glory, hidden dangers started to surface.

“Have someone look into it.” Jun Xian shook his head, helpless. He cannot bear to see a just man framed like this.

An urgent knock sounded, interrupting their conversation.

“Come in.” Jun Xian intoned.

A Lin Palace guard knelt at the door, the cold night wafting into the room.

“Reporting to Lin Wang. The General Li Ran requests for an audience.”

“General Li Ran? What does he want from me so late in the night?” Jun Xian asked, brows furrowed.

“I do not know, the General has quite a few soldiers with him, and seems anxious.”

“I’ll go take a look.” Jun Xian stood up, and Jun Qing tugged on his sleeve.

“The cold gets frosty, deep in the night. Father, take caution.” Jun Qing implied.

Jun Xian nodded.

Just outside Lin Palace, a pair of soldiers brandished burning torches, driving back the night. General Li Ran, stood in front of his horse, looking anxious.

Seeing Jun Xian coming out of Lin Palace, Li Ran rushed up, and prostrated himself.

“Li Ran, what is this all about?”

“Lin Wang! Please help!” Li Ran pleaded, fist in hand.

Jun Xian raised a brow, “What happened? To make you come here so late in the night.”

“Official Lin’s….. household…..” Li Ran hesitated.

Jun Xian’s heart skipped a beat, but maintained his composure.

“What happened?”

“I was carrying out His Majesty’s orders to bring Official Lin in for questioning in regards to corruption and bribery charges. When I arrived, the mishap at Lin Household had already happened. Official Lin killed thirty six people of his household, when I got there, I saw him holding on to the sword, insane, that was still impaled in the chest of his wife.” Li Ran was bathed in cold sweat, unable to believe what he witnessed earlier.

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