GDBBM – Chapter 1047

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[Warning from Cloud: Explicit depictions of torture in a chapter within this chapter. For readers who have a weak stomach for such grisly details or highly vivid imaginations of what they read, you are advised to give this paragraph or even the chapter if you like, a skip. I will put these brackets “{ }”around the paragraph with the gory details. ]


[You’ve been warned!]


Chapter 1047: “Invite (3)”

The favoured men obediently retreated from the room and in the hall on the top floor, only Jun Wu Xie, Qu Xin Rui and Shen Chi were the only three people left. Jun Wu Xie sat down upon a chair at the side while Shen Chi just stood on one side.

“I was overcome by the alcohol last night and had to go rest early, where I had not been able to have a good chat with little Young Master Jun, which I found to be a great shame.” Qu Xin Rui said, looking mournfully at Jun Xie, her mannerisms seductive. “I had intended to chat a little bit more with Young Master Jun last night but Lin Feng had unexpectedly spoiled the entire mood. Lin Feng is from our Thousand Beast City and he had been extremely discourteous to little Young Master Jun. I hope that little Young Master Jun would not take offence towards it.”

Upon saying that, Qu Xin Rui lifted her chin towards Shen Chi to signal to him. Shen Chi immediately turned and went downstairs, returning in a short while as he dragged a shabbily clothed youth as he walked in.

All four of the youth’s limbs had been forcibly broken by people and were twisted up at odd angles. As he was dragged in by Shen Chi, the blood from the youth’s body drew a red trail behind him over the snow white fox furs on the ground. The bright scarlet blood trail appeared especially striking against the pure white and it was seen that a metal ring had been locked around the youth’s neck. A thick chain of two finger width was attached to the metal ring that was gripped in Shen Chi’s hands on the other end. With both legs broken and unable to walk and both hands twisted up behind his back, the youth could only lie helplessly upon the ground as he was dragged over the floor by Shen Chi to come become Jun Xie.

“Lin Feng is almost about to turn eighteen and is no longer a child. If he commits a wrong, he would naturally have to take responsibility for his actions. I wonder if little Young Master Jun is satisfied with the punishment I have given him?” Qu Xin Rui said, swinging her feet down to the ground and walking to come right before the youth, before lifting up his chin with the tip of her foot.

With his head raised, Jun Wu Xie was able to see clearly the youth’s face.

That youth was not anyone else but the one who had angered Qu Xin Rui last night, Lin Feng!

But at that moment, Lin Feng looked completely different from the way he had yesterday!

{{ The face which had been considered to be rather good looking was now streaked with blood, both his eyes sewn shut with thread, his dry lips split and his mouth agape, with blood dried at the corners of his mouth. With his mouth open, it could be seen that his teeth had been smashed and broken pieces of the roots showed still lodged in his gums, and that his tongue had been pulled completely out! }}

If not for the fact that his facial features had not changed, who would have ever linked this barely half alive person to the Young Chief of the Icy Frost Clan?

Jun Wu Xie looked indifferently at the wretched state that Lin Feng had been reduced into. It had only been one night and Qu Xin Rui had already gotten Lin Feng tortured to such a state. At that moment, Jun Wu Xie finally understood why Lin Que had fallen into such despair the very moment he saw Shen Chi appear.

Lin Que must have already known at that moment, what the result of having Lin Feng falling into Shen Chi’s hands would be.

All four limbs broken, eyes unable to see, mouth unable to speak, Lin Feng lay weakly in a hapless heap upon the ground, moans and groans of pain escaping faintly from his dry and hoarse throat.

Qu Xin Rui secretly observed Jun Xie’s reaction and only discovered that Jun Xie’s reaction was a lot calmer than she thought. After seeing the state Lin Feng was in, Jun Xie had not shown the slightest trace of shock or horror and that pair of eyes had just remained as cold and as indifferent as ever, without one single ripple of emotion.

“Miss Qu invited me to come here just to let me see this?” Jun Wu Xie turned her head coldly, not the slightest bit of sympathy for Lin Feng in her heart, nor the tiniest sliver of fear towards Qu Xin Rui’s cruel and vicious methods.

Qu Xin Rui held her hand close to cover her mouth and gave a light laugh: “Of course not. That was just to show little Young Master Jun a little bit of my sincerity that’s all.”

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