Five Way Heaven 37

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Chapter 37: Noodle Shop

Ai Hui originally didn’t plan on greeting Duanmu Huanghun; they weren’t even familiar with each other, so it was all right to pretend that he didn’t see him.

But who would’ve imagined that Duanmu Huanghun’s Flame Floating Cloud would stop right in the middle of the city gates, blocking the road. It also took forever for it to move, descending as slow as a turtle, and it took Ai Hui a long while until he reached true impatience. That guy was still being slow there, so he figured he might as well greet him. He meant to remind Classmate Bangwan that someone was behind him so he could move faster.

The result…

Ai Hui’s heart possessed great disdain as he looked at the face planted Duanmu Huanghun. That guy’s mental strength was seriously terrible. His own voice was that small, yet it caused him to fall down head first. If they were in the Savage Territories and encountered those savage beasts in a thundering rage, wouldn’t his guts burst apart?

Whatever, maybe kids are just like that? Ai Hui always thought that Duanmu Huanghun was extremely childish.

Outside of cultivation, Ai Hui had never really put much thought into anything. As for all those people at the city gate entrance, what could they possibly have to do with him?

The training hall was still spotless. Loulan’s level of cleaning was still impeccably high as always, but Loulan himself wasn’t there, so Ai Hui immediately went to take a bath.

Since Loulan wasn’t here yet, it seems like there was no soup to be drunk today. Ai Hui’s beautiful dream was smashed to pieces.

Seeing that the day was still early, Ai Hui decided to go eat noodles!

Right, eat noodles! One hundred fifty-one bowls of noodles! He was now someone with a large sum of three hundred fifty thousand, so he had to eat as much as he wanted. Thinking back to that shop’s noodles, Ai Hui, who was nibbling on a hard biscuit, drooled.

Without the slightest hesitation, he immediately left.

Shi Xueman randomly walked along the streets of Interpine City. She had heard about Duanmu Huanghun’s spectacle, but unfortunately did not have the chance to see it with her own eyes. From what Uncle Yong Zheng had said, because Duanmu Huanghun had exhausted too much of his strength, he fell when he jumped off his Flame Floating Cloud. Everyone lamented, seems like Duanmu Huanghun’s current accomplishments weren’t easy to obtain.

Shi Xueman somewhat admired him, continuously challenging three of the top fifty experts; this was a feat she had never heard of before, so it was not surprising he had overdrafted his strength.

When she was a first year student, she barely made it into the top hundred rankings, so it was no wonder why Duanmu Huanghun was being praised as a genius that only appears once a century.

But she wasn’t interested in Duanmu Huanghun. She was only interested in the mysterious expert who had defeated her. Back then, she had originally suspected that the mysterious expert might be Duanmu Huanghun, but she quickly rejected that guess.

Duanmu Huanghun’s personality as a child of an influential family was just too obvious; that mysterious expert’s temperament was entirely different.

So others could not recognize her, Shi Xueman wore an elemental energy mask, and she currently looked like an ordinary female student.

Ever since the blind competition incident, as long as she had time, she would come to Interpine City. She had come by many times and had already gradually become familiar with the city’s layout. Today’s cultivation training had finished so she was just aimlessly strolling on the streets which felt pretty good.

A sweet smell floated over in the air, and Shi Xueman was suddenly struck by a bit of hunger.

She turned her head to follow that aroma and discovered a noodle shop. It was rare for her to eat outside; to be more exact, she rarely ate food outside of elemental cuisine.

Due to cultivation, she had a strict diet. She usually only ate specially made elemental cuisine that was able to help her cultivate.

She hesitated a bit, but in the end, still couldn’t resist the fragrant aroma.

It wasn’t meal time yet, so there wasn’t really anyone inside. The owner was currently braising beef, and the aroma permeated the entire shop.

After walking in and sitting down, she ordered a bowl of noodles. At this time, a figure charged in, sat down at another table in front of her, and said, “Owner, gimme five bowls of noodles!”

Shi Xueman glanced over. It was a male student, and he seemed a bit familiar as though she had seen him somewhere.

After thinking about it for a bit, she finally remembered that back when she was in Interpine City, there was a hateful person who was delighted by her anger when the entire city was filled with long “Blind Competition” banners.

Wasn’t it this guy?

As Shi Xueman thought back to when she was so confident in herself and then got played, she instantly felt a bit embarrassed. She wasn’t really angry at the male student in front of her, and he didn’t seem to recognize her. At that time, her mood was terrible, so she probably glared at him then.

She laughed inwardly, and shrugging it off just as the bowl of noodles came, she lowered her head and started eating.

The noodles’ flavor was delicious and rich, completely different from the elemental cuisines she usually ate. So much so that she couldn’t stop

However, the guy in front of her ate in an even more exaggerated manner; he was like a gust of wind sweeping up dead leaves. The scene of five big bowls of noodles lined up in a row had such a visual impact. Not only were his table manners extremely rough and wild, half the bowl of noodles went missing even though his chopsticks had descended only once, leaving her completely dumbstruck

When had she ever seen anyone eat in such a manner? Everyone around her was always calm and refined when they ate.

Ai Hui began to take note of the female student in front of him because he saw that she had stared at him twice. Luckily, Ai Hui had already begun to adapt to the Induction Ground life and didn’t judge this as a hostile action.

His complete attention had been captivated by the noodles in front of him; he had completely lost himself in them.

Raising the bowl of noodles, he chugged down more than half the broth before finally putting down the bowl in perfect contentment. As soon as he lowered the bowl, he noticed the dumbstruck female student in front of him.

Both pairs of eyes met, and immediately becoming aware that she was being too disrespectful, Shi Xueman promptly lowered her head. In order to conceal her embarrassment, she hurriedly yelled, “Owner, check please.”

“You owe a hundred fifty yuan,” said the owner as he handed over the bill.

“Alright,” Shi Xueman replied. She quickly felt for her wallet, then abruptly stilled. What she had discovered was awful.

—She didn’t bring money!

She then remembered that she had just changed clothes after taking a bath at the end of her training. Her wallet was in the other set of clothes.

What now? She had never been in this kind of situation before. At a loss, she didn’t know what to do, and instantly blanked out.

“Customer?” Seeing her blank out, the owner couldn’t help but utter a reminder.

“O-owner, I forgot to bring money…”

She stammered out with a face that seemed to almost burst into flames. At this moment, she wished there was a hole in the floor that she could crawl into.

The owner’s face immediately darkened.

Ai Hui just happened to see this scene. Seeing that the girl’s face was almost about to be buried in the crook of her arm, he couldn’t help but inwardly shake his head and say, “Hey, I’ll let you borrow some money. Go look for something to use as collateral and I’ll give it back once you return the money.”

“It’s on me?” Ai Hui would never say those kinds of words!

A hundred fifty yuan was a lot of money, alright?!

If there wasn’t something used as collateral, he definitely wouldn’t lend money. His sympathetic heart had never overflowed. To him, just being willing to lend money was helping.

Finished speaking, he took out money and then pointed at the bowls in front of himself at the owner. “Total it with mine.”

After paying the bill, Ai Hui left the noodle shop with an additional string of pearls from Shi Xueman while chewing a toothpick.

Shi Xueman earnestly thanked Ai Hui, “Thank you so much, I’ll definitely repay you! Please give me your address!”

“I live in Vanguard Training Hall,” Ai Hui replied. “Bring the money there and I’ll return this pearl. I’m off now, go back home to get your money.”

Seeing the gradual darkening of the sky, Ai Hui immediately modified his previous words, “It’s fine if you can bring it tomorrow. I’m off.”

With a wave of his sleeve, he left without a trace.

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