Five Way Heaven 28

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Chapter 28: Loulan’s Uncertainty

Loulan stood on stage, added upon his own mask was the training hall’s mask, making him wear two masks. This was a sort of unprecedented experience for himself, kind of like now, when he was standing on stage. He bought groceries and ingredients everyday while passing by many training halls, so he had seen many long banners advertising blind competitions, and heard many people mention blind competitions as well.

However, prior to today, he never thought that he would one day stand on the blind competition stage.

Yes, he had never thought it would happen, yet it had happened in reality.

He stood on stage, waiting for him was a fight. He had to defeat enemies, or possibly get defeated by others. Actually, just a moment ago, he still was uncertain and was about to tell Ai Hui that his circumstances were not really what the training hall staff member said it was.

He stretched out his hand to stroke the Misty Soul Grass on his head.

What he wanted to tell Ai Hui earlier before he was interrupted was that it didn’t seem like the Misty Soul Grass had any effect on him, he was still able to “see” other people.

Loulan felt that it was really weird. He also knew about the Misty Soul Grass, according to his knowledge, the Misty Soul Grass should indeed restrain him. How was it possible that he could still “see” other people?

This was the first time he noticed that he was different. If not for his participation in the blind competition today, if not for the fact that he had stuck a Misty Soul Grass on himself, he never would have detected this point.

The Misty Soul Grass’ effect on low level sand golems were tremendous, could it be that he wasn’t a low rank sand golem? Loulan felt that it was impossible, he was a sand golem that had always been used to prepare meals and sweep rooms, completely qualified to being a low level sand golem. He felt that Master Shao probably tried to do something to his body. Whenever Master Shao was enthralled in his research and had a burst of inspiration, he would test it out on Loulan’s body.

This was also why Loulan’s body frequently had problems, like the first time he had met Ai Hui, when there was an issue with his sand core and his body fell apart.

He supposed it was some sort of new technique.

He reminded himself to ask Master Shao after he came back.

But it wasn’t that the Misty Soul Grass had completely no effect on him, his field of vision was affected, and his surroundings did become much fuzzier. Moreover, Loulan discovered something unexpected. What affected him the most was actually the lightproof mask on his face.

Don’t tell me that I usually use my eyes to perceive the outside world? Weird…

Loulan only felt that this was unexpected, very rarely do sand golems use their eyes to perceive the world. To the immensely experienced earth elementalists, if the eyes were affected, they would be very limited. Due to Master Shao’s teachings, Loulan was extremely knowledgeable about sand golems in general, Master Shao usually put his heart in instructing him about this aspect. Loulan had never thought about examining his own body before, and never knew that there were such unique characteristics on his own body.

After thinking about Master Shao, Loulan also felt relived. Master Shao was always a person who never liked follow conventional means.

Him being the same as other sand golem would be considered abnormal.

Within this period of distraction, Loulan suddenly noticed that Ai Hui had already came into contact with another person.

The way Ai Hui felt about his surroundings was really weird, his waist was in a half squat with both legs opened. His arms were like a crab’s, spread open into two pincers. Right! Ai Hui’s current posture was remarkably similar to a crab.

Ai Hui’s movements were noiseless, the soles of his feet were like a cat’s, completely silent.

So awesome!

Loulan couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. Compared to Ai Hui, his opponent that wasn’t too far away looked much more amateurish. Even Loulan saw that the other party’s movements carried a bit of panic.

The scene before him made Loulan recall of the drawing in a book of a wild animal on the hunt. Ai Hui was like a slowly approaching wild animal, and the other party was like the restlessly alarmed prey.

Ai Hui leaned over, and his palms coincidentally latched onto the other party’s waist.

The instant he made contact was when the other party made his first reactive move.

The first thing that contestant did was to immediately punched toward Ai Hui, however, he never expected that his opponent had actually dropped down to waist level. This fist swept across the top of Ai Hui’s head, hitting empty air.

Compared to the other party’s attack, Ai Hui’s attack was much more effective.

The instant he made contact with the other party’s waist, Ai Hui’s hands suddenly grabbed forward and firmly pulled. His body borrowed this force to soar to the side, and level off the other party’s calf.

The top and bottom forces combined, making the other party lose his balance falling toward Ai Hui.

Ai Hui now displayed his shocking battle techniques. Like a nimble python, not only did he not retreat, he instead welcomed forward, taking his opportunity to completely wrap around his target. The soles of his feet stayed on the other party’s chin, as his opponent’s entire body was completely immobilized. The other party only persevered for twenty seconds before he lost consciousness.

The referee, that had long since been standing on the sidelines overlooking the match, swept his long whip up. Like an intelligent snake, it rolled up the unconscious contestant and brought him down. The training hall’s experienced doctor promptly stepped forward and pressed, then indicated that it was alright after a while.

Even though it wasn’t life threatening, the two referee’s mental state had already been made tense by Ai Hui. The two’s expression became heavy and grave.

“That earth elementalist’s methods are seriously harsh!”

“Yeah, the sand golem didn’t even move. Earth elementalists who can fight solo is rare.”

“Usually, earth elementalists are a group of unusual fellows, being unusual is usual.”

“You’re right.”


The two chatted in low voices, yet their gazes didn’t dare to move even the slightest.

The observers below the stage were also shaken silent by Ai Hui’s sharp ruthlessness.

Truthfully speaking, the previous attack wasn’t the least bit flashy and wasn’t even elaborate at all, not even elemental energy had been utilized, but that one move had actually made those students feel current of bloodlust rush their way. In these days, they had seen many blind competitions in many training halls. There were elaborate ones, oddly funny ones, and some with those who acted without thinking.

But there was never a match that was like what just happened before which gave them a huge shock.

Only a few seconds after, the audience erupted into roars:

“So fierce!”

“Too cool!”

“What was that previous move called? Anyone know?”

“Is this serious? So fierce, yet is still an earth elementalist, how could anyone beat that?”

“It’s alright, it’s alright, look at his sand golem, it looks so stupid.”


Compared to that previous attack, the matches everyone usually saw were all show, soft and powerless. Such a fierce severity immediately raised everyone’s interest.

Loulan, who was still on stage, was also shocked in place. He stared blankly at Ai Hui.

The audience below the stage had not been on the stage, so their reactions were more straightforward. The moment Ai Hui took action, Loulan felt like his own breath had stopped.

Ai Hui, who had defeated an opponent, quietly felt toward another.

Earlier, this contestant’s movements had revealed his position.

Ai Hui felt over to the other party like before. Loulan couldn’t help but widen his eyes, lest he miss any details. He, who had never fought before, had already forgotten why he was on stage. He was completely attracted to Ai Hui’s battle, and was incomparably nervous.

The audience below saw Ai Hui lock onto his new prey and also went completely silent as they held their breaths, staring with wide eyes.

The training hall sank into a field of silence.

Ai Hui didn’t know the change that happened outside, the sounds below the stage were completely isolated from the stage by a special method from the training hall. Like a cautious, patient, wild animal bringing along a noiseless bloodlust, he approached the other party.

And it was exactly now, that something unforeseen suddenly happened.

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