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48 Responses to Feedback

  1. iamsleepless says:

    this new site is awesome…..thanks!!!!
    many people prefer to read novels offline and on the go too
    so i am wondering if you have any interest in hosting the pdf’s of translated novel’s
    it may bring more reader’s to this awesome site too ^o^
    if you think of considering this idea i can provide you with pdf’s for over 160+ translated novels
    and i can also make new ones for the novels on this site if the translators agree to it >.<

    • alyschu says:

      I’d love to, but I’d want their permission first before hosting any pdfs (unless they’ve quit the translation scene or are on baka-tsuki where anyone can get their pdfs)

      What you can do is email me which titles you currently have and which translators are translating them!

      As for translators on this site, you’d have to get their permission then I’ll host the pdfs! I plan on making my own pdfs in the future for my translated series, but that’s in the future… xD

  2. Naszrador says:

    I really like this site. The number of Novels you are hosting really surprised me. And your(Alyschu&Co) personal translation is also nice.

    I just have a suggestion: a “full text” which instead of reading the translation chapter by chapter loads an entire volume at once(or less in case of WN’s with 100+ chap/vol). kinda like on Baka-Tsuki or krytykals Blog. It’s imo nicer to read if you aren’t up-to-date with the novel and you want to read a great bunch of chapters.

    And 2nd question: is Moonbunny Cafe at aho-updates? I thought it listed your updates at first, but there weren’t any new entries on aho the last days, even though Moonbunny Cafe had updates.

  3. skeithking says:

    Hey just wanted to let you guys know about this story, one of my MMO friends suggested this but I can’t read Chinese, wanted your thoughts on it.

    • エステ says:

      It’s Japanese, not Chinese. Seems like Overlord, except geared 100% in the direction of ‘typical harem fantasy’ and typical ‘loser’s power fantasy’.

      The blurb for the light novel goes something like this:

      while playing an mmorpg, dude fell asleep
      [4:01:42 PM] 「イヤーッ!」「サヨナラ!」: when he woke up he had been tossed into an unknown world as his game char
      [4:01:48 PM] 「イヤーッ!」「サヨナラ!」: ‘Arc’
      [4:02:01 PM] 「イヤーッ!」「サヨナラ!」: and this form of his was armoured, and inside was a skeleton knight!?
      [4:02:26 PM] 「イヤーッ!」「サヨナラ!」: if his true form was discovered, he might very well be mistaken for a monster and set as a subjugation target!

      he was going to live as a soldier without standing out, but he couldn’t turn a blind eye to evil in front of him.

      rescued hot chicks! defeated on his own a monster that requires a team of knights to dispatch! what’s more, he annihilated some bandits!?
      like this, he made great use of the skills that he honed in-game!

      [blah blah blah]

      here comes an accidental world-fixing, isekai fantasy story with the strongest skeleton night!


      and you can see from the above why it seems pathetic and absolutely shit.

    • sylver135 says:

      Cough, Korean… Luckily though I have seen that novel before and even translated a crappy synopsis from a Chinese translation. That elf got you too, huh. Must be some kind of fate. Also this novel is originally Japanese. Here’s my cruddy (a href=””synopsis.)

  4. Limi says:

    Just wondering if it’s possible to show how each series is translated (e.g. whether it’s machine translated or some other methods). Or maybe include it in FAQ explaining a bit about translation process?


    • alyschu says:

      We’re only hosting their translations, you should ask the translators on their own pages/series/chapters about that.

      • Limi says:

        Alrighty, thanks.

        How about your group then?

        • alyschu says:

          Uhh, we obviously do not machine translate.. since we translate manga as well.. the most basic requirement for joining the team is an understanding of the Chinese language

          • Limi says:

            Ohhh, my bad.

            I guess it’s just the original language being Chinese then. That’s because when I read the translated version, it just felt a bit awkward or choppy as compared to “normal” English or just plain Chinese.

            Welps, thanks for the translations anyways.

          • alyschu says:

            That’s probably because we try to our best to keep to the author’s original style and format whenever possible. 🙂

          • joeglens says:

            sometime I contemplate if I should just do localization instead of pure translation just so the english is more natural

  5. MW says:

    A suggestion for the site is to include links to the translators personal websites on their about us pages.

    • alyschu says:

      Their pages are handled and belong to the translators themselves. Before joining the website, I have already told them that they could advertise their blog and do anything to their own project, chapter, and bio pages so if they don’t have their blog up there, then they didn’t think to put it up there. The translators themselves add their new releases to moon bunny cafe so if you want those links, you can go ask them to put it up. I don’t make anything mandatory so anything in regards to translators and translations should be forwarded to your specific translator! 🙂

      • xxpointblanqxx says:

        It’s not that I don’t understand that (since I’m sure you want people using moonbunny rather than the translator’s sites), but I still think that since you already know where they host their chapters it’d be nice for readers to know as well. I only suggest that in the case where the translator stops uploading on moonbunny but continues on their own site and we lose track o great LN’s (although if you Google enough I’m sure anyone can find them… most of the time…)

  6. Dragos says:

    Sugestion/question love the sit but its abit hard to read on a tablet cuz of the smal font can u make so u can dubel tap to zoom?
    Also are u planing to host arifueta? Asking cuz most of chapters are scarted and google doc ls anoing on android.

    Whit love a random lecher

  7. xxpointblanqxx says:

    Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into the site.
    One suggestion I have is a “You might also like” sidebar that lists LN’s / Manga that you would like based on the LN / Manga you are reading.
    It would help to introduce people to new series and I think would be a nice addition.

  8. Reat says:

    First of I want to say that I love the site and the work you and all translators do.

    Secondly I want to ask if it’s possible to “darken” the reading pages. What I mean is that instead of the pure white background, to have a gray-ish (like the comment background) or even darker for when you are reading something.

  9. Ken says:

    Wanna know.
    Can’t u guys translate exclusively one or two nobles rather then trying many.her u have many titles but who is active?! It’s not going anywhere good ,
    Should u think of doing one or 2 then u would go great,
    But guess u are too much enthusiastic about doing multiple things. That’s gonna take u not far.
    Stay on one boat… view.anyone can differ.all app to u .

  10. Ewaldas says:

    [My Fox Immortal Wife] went missing from the novel section so I wanted to ask did you drop it or something.

    • alyschu says:

      Moon Bunny Cafe will not be hosting that series anymore because of the translator’s breach in trust and etiquette to his fellow translators. I apologize for any inconveniences this may bring you. You can still read it at the translator’s original website if you wish to continue reading that series.

  11. Ely says:

    Hello!! Thank you guys so much for hosting these translations! I have a suggestion about organising the novels/comics? Like, maybe being able to search by tags/genre or by completed stories/etc?
    It’ll make it a lot easier to find stuff.

  12. Roque says:

    I recommend that the chapters or links to be checked for Kuro no Maou. Several of the chapters come up missing or links not working. I really like the story but having missing chunks is disturbing.

  13. Pandabells says:

    I believe the [The]’s in the Novels section kind of defeat the purpose of arranging the titles alphabetically. Or something like that. Sorry, I cant phrase it properly. lol

  14. Raizel says:

    I really appreciate the work you have done on the site. I feel having more formatting options for reading would be awesome. The pages look a bit too bland.

  15. shol says:

    thanks for creating this site. it makes it easier to create a neat epub for novels here. of course the epubs are only for myself.

  16. The Walrus says:

    Love the site, but thought I would mention that the “next chapter” link at the bottom of “maken no daydreamer” chapter 28 links to chapter 30. The link at the top of the page works fine.

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  17. caronte says:

    i’d like to know why a lot of the series here looks like someone said “**CK THIS” because i’ve been waiting for some updates on several of them and nothing comes (T_T) please update on some of the series like GODLY HUNTER or SHURA’S WRATH.. please have mercy on this poor soul :,( AND GIMMI SOME UPDTS!

  18. nghialetuan says:

    hi, i cannot access moon bunny on my phone (other sites work perfectly). i can access with my computer, so there must be something wrong between your site and my phone, please help :c

  19. yarisol mateo says:

    I love this site. I read from my ipad so the font is very small. And when i zoom in. The whole text(side ways/ sentences) can’t be seen. Is there a possibility to make it larger?

  20. Fake-name says:

    You folks appear to have added cloudflare recently.

    I follow the site’s releases using a RSS reader, but it appears that cloudflare protection is enabled for, which breaks basically all RSS readers since the whole point of cloudflare is to prevent automated access, and that’s fundamentally what a RSS reader is.

  21. SlimyGuy says:

    I can’t see any images apart from the credits in all Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken manga chapters.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Sitter keeps acrolling up when train to read on mobile

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