Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 933

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Chapter 933: Guild management office (Part 2)

“This is a very special smelting furnace.  It isn’t used to make weapons, but it can be used to make tokens.”  Hei Feng Tian Zong explained behind Ye Yu Xi in a small voice.

The elder took an iron block from the side and took some unknown powder to refine in the furnace.  In less than five minutes, there was a newly smelted token that appeared.

The token was still a bit hot when it was handed over to Ye Yu Xi.

“This is the guild leader token.  You can also create elder tokens and member tokens.  The elder tokens cost a hundred points each and the member tokens cost twenty points each.”  The elder handed a form to Ye Yu Xi.

After the troublesome procedures, Blood Enchantress had been officially established.

“Ye, young miss Ye, no, guild leader Ye, I want to join your guild, I wonder if that is possible.”  When they came out, a freshman came in front of Ye Yu Xi.

This man was considered rather handsome and there was a bit of obsession in the eyes looking at Ye Yu Xi.  It was clear that he was just joining Blood Enchantress for Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi looked at this person’s cultivation before coldly saying, “Blood Enchantress is only taking members in the seventh spiritual level or higher, classmate, you should properly cultivate first.”

Ye Yu Xi’s voice was calm and didn’t spread far, but the people within ten meters all heard it clearly.

That freshman had an awkward look.  He was only in the low sixth spiritual level, he was an entire realm away from the seventh spiritual level!  After giving a sigh, he turned to leave.

“Blood Enchantress has been formed!  Starting points, four thousand, starting funds, one million gold coins!”

This clear voice came from the guild management office.

The people who followed Ye Yu Xi’s group quickly left the guild management office after they heard this.

Something big has happened!

Hearing the sound from behind, Ye Yu Xi was a bit surprised.  She never thought that the academy would broadcast this information, but this was good since it saved her having to spend effort on advertising herself.

“Young miss, the people following us have scattered.”  Hei Sha looked around, there were only one or two of the six people left.

“Don’t mind them, they should have gone back to report.”  Ye Yu Xi revealed a cold smile.

These guilds, it was ok if they didn’t provoke her, but if they were blind, she could only……kill them all!

Ye Yu Xi’s group left and behind Ye Yu Xi, half the students watched them as they fell into discussion.


At the Clear Sun Guild’s headquarters.

Yang Xin Zhe was sitting in the master’s chair, he didn’t even know that the cup of tea in his hand was already cold.

“Leader, leader!”  An inner court student quickly ran in.

“What is with that cheap woman!”  Yang Xi Zhe came back from his thoughts and looked at the one that came in with a serious look.

That spy took a few breaths, “Hu, master, Ye Yu Xi’s Blood Enchantress has been established, they only have, have four thousand points.”

Yang Xi Zhe revealed a look of joy in his eyes, “Really?  They really only have four thousand?”

The spy nodded.

Yang Xi Zhe was surprised before his lips slowly spread, “Good!  A guild without any backing, our Clear Sun Guild will swallow you!”

Yang Xi Zhe’s eyes were filled with excitement.  He looked around and saw that only the spy was here, so he ordered, “Go and call people, block Ye Yu Xi’s door!  We’ll give Ye Yu Xi something to look at today!”

“Yes!”  The spy left the hall.

Looking at the door, Yang Xi Zhe revealed another smile.

The Azure Cloud Square had called Yang Xi Zhe over last night to let the Clear Sun Guild test Ye Yu Xi.  Yang Xi Zhe knew that this wasn’t good, the Azure Cloud Square was clearly using the Clear Sun Guild.

The Azure Cloud Square was one of the top ten guilds and Yang Xi Zhe didn’t dare offend them.  Ye Yu Xi had a mysterious background, Yang Xi Zhe didn’t dare move rashly.

But now……

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