Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 925

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Chapter 925: If it takes two moves, I lose (Part 2)

Ye Yu Xi didn’t panic at all, looking completely calm.  Ye Yu Xi already knew Princess Yuan Na’s thoughts, but……since you want to fight, I’ll go along with it!

Jumping out, Ye Yu Xi appeared behind Yuna Na like a mouse and whispered in her ear.

Yuan Na’s face was covered in shock and the Beast Flame in her hand slammed out behind her.

Ye Yu Xi already anticipated this and flew out more than ten meters.  In front of everyone, Ye Yu Xi raised her hand and pointed at the sky with one finger.

What was she doing?  Was she using some spiritual skill?

The crowd stared at Ye Yu Xi.  If Nangong Ying Xue was here, she would be laughing.  Ye Yu Xi’s current figure made her look like the Statue of Liberty!

Ye Yu Xi’s strange movement made Princess Yuan Na cautious.

“One move!”  Ye Yu Xi coldly spat out these two words that spread across the crowd.

One move?  What one move?

All the leaders of the guilds in the stands were stunned as they looked at Ye Yu Xi in confusion.

Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile, “I’ll only use one move!  If I use a second move, it’ll be my loss!”

Wild!  Unprecedented arrogance!  This was the finals!  Ye Yu Xi had used over a hundred moves when fighting Yu Ling, but Ye Yu Xi said she would only use one move against Yuan Na with her Beast Flame.

The thousands of students had the same thought: This Ye Yu Xi…..was there something wrong with her mind?

Jia Hao Ran’s face became a bit pale.  He gave these odds after hearing Chu Tian Che’s words, but Ye Yu Xi was this bold, he would definitely lose!

Chu Tian Che on the side saw Jia Hao Ran’s expression and knew what he was thinking.  He patted Jia Hao Ren on the shoulder, “We already said it yesterday.  If I’m right, you will submit to us.”

“I, Jia Hao Ren’s words are my iron board, when have I broken my word?”  Jia Hao Ren looked at Chu Tian Che.

Chu Tian Che laughed before turning back to the stage.


The crowd’s shock in Yuan Na’s ears became pure shame.  Yuan Na’s white palms had veins bulging from them and her heart was filled with rage!  Ye Yu Xi, you are too wild!

He!  Yuan Na gave an angry roar and wildly released her spiritual energy, sending a large dirt yellow flame at Ye Yu Xi.

This Beast Flame was different, it wasn’t just a ball, it was a wave!

Under the flames, half the stage had been enveloped.

“Increase the barrier!”  The teachers around the ring responsible for the barrier shouted out as the spiritual energy barrier around the ring became stronger.

The dirt yellow beast flame hit the light shield and bounced back.  In an instant, Ye Yu Xi was surrounded in a sea of flames.

This terrifying heat wave hit everyone and the students closest to the arena had moved back seven to eight meters.

Hu, hu.

With this attack, Yuan Na had used most of her spiritual energy and was panting on stage.

In the stands, Bai Hua You narrowed his eyes.  Yuan Na’s attack surpassed the range of the seventh spiritual realm, even an eighth spiritual realm expert might not be able to match her flames, “Look, this match is about to end.”

“A sea of flames, she’ll be heavily injured if she doesn’t die!  Long Wu gave his own conclusion.

Everyone searched for Ye Yu Xi’s figure.  The ring was empty behind Yuan Na and Ye Yu Xi…..could only be in one place!

“Look!  What is that!”

Everyone saw the blue glow and they called out in shock.

Countless people stared at the sea of flames in the arena with wide eyes.

Ka!  Ka!  Ka, ka.

Bolts of lightning crossed through the sea of flames and the power of the flames instantly weakened.


A bolt of lightning pierced through the sea of flames.  The dirt yellow Beast Flame scattered and Ye Yu Xi was standing unscathed in the center.  There was lightning surrounding her arm!

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