Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 891

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Chapter 891: Young master comparable to Bai Jin Yi (Part 2)

Ye Yu Xi came closer and there were three light barriers where three books laid.

“I don’t know what kind of weapons this miss uses.  This Overlapping Spear Shadow is a must for earth spiritual skills.  Although it is only a low level earth spiritual skill, it can compare to mid level earth spiritual skills.”  The handsome young master pointed at one of the light barriers.

Ye Yu Xi looked at it.  She used the dagger and had nothing to do with long weapons like spears, so it didn’t seem like she could use this.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the other two, «Rushing Thunder Fist» and «Demonic Cloud Finger»

Injecting her spiritual energy into the image stone, the Demonic Cloud Finger began demonstrating itself.

It was a very strange finger skill.

Ye Yu Xi watched the display.  The first two fingers seemed aggressive, but they were just creating momentum for the third finger.  Once the third finger came out, the spiritual energy from the deliberate misses of the first two fingers gathered and caught the opponent off guard from three different directions.

Looking down, the price was fifteen thousand points.

The handsome young master on the side seemed to see the helpless look on Ye Yu Xi’s face and said in a soft voice, “If miss doesn’t have enough points, I have some here.  I can first help the miss pay.”

The handsome young master really took out his gold card to exchange for the spiritual skill.

“No need!”

Ye Yu Xi quickly said to stop him, looking at the handsome young master with a strange look.

She didn’t even know this man!

“No merit is unrewarded.  I will remember this young master’s kindness, but this Demonic Cloud Finger isn’t suited to me.”  Ye Yu Xi rejected the handsome young master as she looked at the spiritual skill on the side.

Rushing Thunder Fist!

Ye Yu Xi had learned her lesson and looked at the cost first.  Ten thousand points, good, she could afford it.

She looked at the demonstration.


A blue light hit a small person’s body and that person was surrounded in a layer of lightning.  The lightning gathered in their fist and blasted the enemy with a thunderous roar.

“Such power.”  Ye Yu Xi narrowed her eyes at the demonstration, the aura really was powerful.

The handsome young master looked at the Rushing Thunder Fist, “This Rushing Thunder Fist isn’t bad, it’s just the movement is a bit big.”

“Many thanks for the young master’s guidance.”  Ye Yu Xi nodded at the handsome young master to thank him.

“Miss is too polite.  I wonder, what is this miss’ name?”  The handsome young master revealed a dazzling simple.

Ye Yu Xi looked up at his handsome face and after hesitating a bit, she said her name, “Ye Yu Xi.”

Even if she didn’t tell him now, he would know once she became famous at the freshmen conference.

Ye Yu Xi……

The eyes of the handsome master couldn’t help narrowing before he revealed a dazzling smile again, “I am Qi Yu Ze.”

Ye Yu Xi took the spiritual skill and left the fifth floor.

When she turned, there was a hint of worry in Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes.  Qi Yu Ze, she definitely didn’t know this person!

Deng, deng, deng.

The sounds of Ye Yu Xi walking down the stairs went further away.

Qi Yu Ze stood there watching Ye Yu Xi leave and he narrowed his eyes, “Ye Yu Xi, she’s the girl my grandfather mentioned?  Ye Yu Xi…..I will be here, I will wait three years for you!”

With a sigh, Qi Yu Ze’s expression relaxed like he had finished his mission.


“Exchange this item for me.”  The Treasure Pavilion elder saw Ye Yu Xi come in.

Ye Yu Xi handed the thing in her hand over.  The cultivation techniques of the Treasure Pavilion were different from other places.  To put it simply, the cultivation techniques in this place could only be used once!

Normal cultivation techniques could be practiced by many people, but the cultivation techniques of the Treasure Pavilion were different.  After they were exchanged, they could only be used once.

The elder took the thing from Ye Yu Xi and he revealed a surprised look.  She really was exchanging for an earth grade cultivation technique.

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