Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 889

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Chapter 889: Evil Emperor Bai Jin Yi (Part 2)

“Evil Emperor?”  Ye Yu Xi softly repeated.  This was her first time hearing that Bai Jin Yi had this nickname.

“Un, the Evil Emperor Bai Jin Yi is the only student who broke through the ninth spiritual level and reached the Yellow Spirit Realm.  He wasn’t even eighteen at the time.”  Chu Tian Che couldn’t help but sigh.

He was already nineteen, but his cultivation was stuck at the peak of the eighth spiritual level.  Comparing him to Bai Jin Yi, it was like heaven and earth.

“Bai Jin Yi, what is special about him?”  Ye Yu Xi suddenly became curious about Bai Jin Yi’s past.  She had never known much about Bai Jin Yi.

“A few years ago, the White Alliance, the Together Summit Hall, the Dragon King Guild, the Moon Heart Pavilion, and the Hundred Flower Hall were all equal.  After Bai Jin Yi arrived, everything had changed.  In just a single year, Bai Jin Yi used his strength to make the White Alliance rank first.  In the same year, one of the girls from the White Alliance was kidnapped in Sun Mound City and Bai Jin Yi went alone to slaughter three hundred people from that power, not leaving a single one alive.  Among them were two ninth spiritual level experts.  Since then, the title Evil Emperor had fallen onto Bai Jin Yi’s head.”

Chu Tian Che’s voice was filled with envy when he mentioned the slaughter of that year.

“That Bai Jin Yi is this bloodthirsty?”  Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes sparkled.

“Some people say Bai Jin Yi is like this, but some say that Bai Jin Yi is very good to the people under him.  There have been controversies about Bai Jin Yi, but there is no doubt of his strength.  Right, there’s another thing, Bai Jin Yi is the only person to complete the Qilin Horn mission released by the academy.  Rumours say that Bai Jin Yi found the legendary Qilin.”

Mentioning this, Chu Tian Che shook his head.  Chu Tian Che didn’t believe this at all.

Qilin, unlike normal beasts with ancient bloodlines, it was a real ancient beast.  They might have long gone extinct.

“It seems like Bai Jin Yi really isn’t a good person.”  Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile.

“Shh!”  Chu Tian Che’s expression changed, “Young miss Ye, you mustn’t say this.  If the people of the White Alliance hear this, a big matter will happen.

Ye Yu Xi nodded, showing that she understood.

Chu Tian Che stayed for a while before leaving.

Other than the sleeping Zi Ling, there was only Ye Yu Xi left in the room.

Remembering Bai Jin Yi’s evil charming smile, Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile.

She never thought that Bai Jin Yi was actually called the Evil Emperor.  Thinking about it, it did match him.

Zhi, zhi.

Zi Ling turned over and woke up, looking at Ye Yu Xi with pitiful eyes.

“Un?  You’re hungry this fast?”  Ye Yu Xi understood Zi Ling.

It’s a good thing that Ba De had left the rest of his Golden Water before leaving, saying that it was a gift for Zi Ling.

She took it out along with the gold card Ba De gave her.

The ten thousand points on the card was quite conspicuous.

Ye Yu Xi poured the Golden Water into teacup and Zi Ling stretched out its little tongue to happily lick it up.

Looking up at the sky, she saw that it was still early and there would be a few hours before night.

Ye Yu Xi took out the Treasure Pavilion’s catalogue and browsed through it.




Spiritual skills!

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes lit up.  There was still half a month before the freshmen competition.  The only skills she had now was the Shadow Blade, the Ten Thousand Beast Shattering Space, and the Hundred Flower Hands.

The Purple Shadow Flash was just a movement technique without any power.

It was time to find a new spiritual skill to learn.

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