Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 875

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Chapter 875: Third floor of the Exquisite Tower (Part 1)

The meeting took over an hour to finish.

In summary, the Alchemist Academy managed their students very loosely.  Other than sending a teacher for these freshmen, there were no other restrictions on the freshmen.  Even if you don’t cultivate, no one will care.

The Alchemist Academy’s teachers were not old men like everyone imagined, rather they were older students in their fifth and sixth years.

Their average strength was in the eighth spiritual level.

As for the ninth spiritual level…..most of them had graduated, developing in Medicine King Valley or the core area of the Central Plains.

In the martial art field.

There were two hundred people standing in this several hundred square meter area.

These two hundred people were in Ye Yu Xi’s class, first grade class six.

“I am Yuan Feng, your teacher!  My strength is in the high eighth spiritual level!  If you have any question in terms of cultivation, including selecting pills and spiritual techniques from the Treasure Pavilion, you can ask me anything.”  Yuan Feng was quite handsome with a pair of phoenix eyes, a high nose ridge, and a height of one hundred and eighty centimeters, he had quite the aura.

“Then, teacher Yuan, was the Exquisite Tower mentioned at the meeting very important?”  A girl shyly raised her hand, looking at Yuan Feng’s handsome face with a bit of shyness.

“Your talent is not the best among the freshmen, but each first year can rely on their own strength to become elites of the academy.  Other than the use of pills, you can rely on the Exquisite Tower.  Everyone, follow me.”  Yuan Feng brought everyone to the Exquisite Tower.

“Teacher Yuan, the welcoming teacher said that we can enter the inner court with our hard work, but he didn’t tell us the requirements.  What do we need to do to enter the inner court?”  The one speaking was the girl from before, as if she was really looking forward to talking to Yuan Feng.

“You’re talking about the inner court, it’s where every student wants to go.  The inner court’s requirement is very high, other than having a cultivation in the peak of the sixth spiritual level, you need to be able to refine a second grade pill to enter the inner court.”  Yuan Feng revealed a look of pride.

Yuan Feng was an inner court student.

Second grade pill!

Many students had looks of yearning.

Many of them could only use their flames to refine spiritual liquid, there was still a long way before they could refine first grade pills.

“Second grade pill……”  Ye Yu Xi revealed a faint smile.  She could already refine a fourth grade pill, it seemed like she didn’t need to increase her alchemy skills for now.

With Yuan Feng’s lead, the two hundred people walked for half an hour before arriving at the Exquisite Tower.

So big!

Ye Yu Xi looked up at the “tower” in front of her.

“My god, master, it isn’t a problem to hold over ten thousand people in here.”  Hei Feng Tian Zong looked at the white tower in front of them.

With Yuan Feng’s lead, the two hundred people came to the third floor.

“Senior Yuan, how are the freshmen this year?”  The person in charge at the entrance to the third floor greeted Yuan Feng.

“They’re better than last year, there’s a few with decent talent.  They should be able to receive the top placings in the freshmen conference.”  Yuan Feng greeted the person in charge.  He pointed at the rows of rooms and said to the students behind him, “Everyone pick a room.”

Those students all doubtfully entered the rooms.

Ye Yu Xi casually entered one and closed the door.

This room was only around five to six square meters and there was only a mat on the ground, as well as stones on the wall that released light.  Other than that, there was nothing else.

Ye Yu Xi casually stretched out her palm to feel around and the spiritual energy was richer compared to before!

“Un?  Little girl, you’re in the Exquisite Tower?”  Long Xiao Pang’s voice suddenly sounded.

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