Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 873

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Chapter 873: Law Enforcement Hall

Ye Yu Xi looked up and her eyes shrunk as she saw the black clothes.

“Master, it’s the same clothes as the people from before.”  Hei Feng Tian Zong reminded Ye Yu Xi from the side in a low voice.

Jiang Jun saw the three students coming over and his heart sunk slightly.  The Law Enforcement Hall!

The Law Enforcement Hall was the only official guild in the school.  The teachers of the school chose some students with calm personalities to join and after joining, they would have some special treatment and some rights in the Treasure Pavilion.  In return, there were many guarding duties that were taken care of by the Law Enforcement Hall.

The three Law Enforcement Hall members came forward and looked over the situation.

“Jiang Jun, you should be aware of the school’s rules.  In the first two months, older students aren’t allowed to cause trouble for new students.  If there are any problems, they can be solved after the freshmen competition in two months.”

Jiang Jun gave a cold snort, “Humph, you have good luck.  In two months, the Clear Sun Guild will settle this account!  We’re leaving!”

Jiang Jun flicked his sleeve and brought his group away from the freshmen dorms.

The three Law Enforcement Hall members looked over at Chu Tian Che and one of them said, “Senior Chu should also leave if you have no business here, the freshmen meeting is about to begin.”

Chu Tian Che nodded, “I’ll leave after I say a few things to young miss Ye.”

The Law Enforcement Hall members looked at the people behind Chu Tian Che before nodding.  They received news that the Clear Sun Guild was suppressing freshmen and they didn’t receive any news on Chu Tian Che, so they couldn’t interfere with Chu Tian Che’s actions.

The three Law Enforcement Hall members left.

The surrounding freshmen whispered as they watched the three of them leave.

What kind of person are they?  They chased the Clear Sun Guild away with just a few words, were they from the five great guilds?

“Young miss Ye, you’re not inviting us in?”  Chu Tian Che approached Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi came back to her senses and revealed a smile as she invited them in.

After closing the door, the freshmen outside gradually scattered.

“Senior Chu, who were those three people just now?”  When they came in, Ye Yu Xi asked the question in her heart.

Not only Ye Yu Xi, Hei Feng Tian Zong and Hei Sha on the side were also curious.

“Those three people?  They were from the Law Enforcement Hall, they are in charge of keeping order in the academy.”  Chu Tian Che looked at the mess in the room and was a bit surprised.  He looked to the side and said, “Kang Yong, have someone help young miss Ye clean up later.”

“No need, I’ll help the young miss clean up later.”  Hei Sha on the side said.

Having a ninth spiritual level expert cleaning up your room after entering the school, only Ye Yu Xi enjoyed this treatment.

“Is senior Chu here for something?”

Chu Tian Che nodded, “I sent an announcement on the school bulletin board yesterday, now there are around thirty brothers who are still following me.”

“It’s enough.”  Ye Yu Xi coldly spat out these two words as her eyes sparkled, “We need quality, not quantity.”

Hei Feng Tian Zong and Hei Sha quickly cleaned up the room before looking at Chu Tian Che, “Brother, what was the freshmen meeting they mentioned?  It seems like it’s quite important.”

“You don’t know about the freshmen meeting?”  Chu Tian Che was a bit surprised.

Some powerful freshmen had strong backing, so they knew everything about the Alchemist Academy, but Ye Yu Xi’s group seemed like they came from a small family in a small place.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  She really didn’t know about this matter.

Seeing the confusion on their faces, Chu Tian Che slowly explained, “If young miss Ye’s Blood Enchantress wants to become famous quickly, the freshmen meeting is the most direct method.”

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