Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 857

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Chapter 857: Song Lan Er’s thoughts (Part 3)


Shi Gu following behind saw Song Lan Er suddenly stopping.  There was a faint surprise in his eyes as he jumped out and landing in front of Song Lan Er.

“Humph, you know that you can’t run, just hand over the ring.”  Shi Gu looked over Song Lan Er.

Song Lan Er saw Shi Gu’s very normal appearance and there was a deep disgust in her eyes, but after that……

“Senior, I’m just a freshman, don’t do this…..”  Song Lan Er deliberately placed her hands on her chest.

Shi Gu saw Song Lan Er’s figure and his throat was knotted, but he didn’t dare do anything.  The academy had rules, you could fight or steal, but that…..was strictly forbidden.

Of course, if both sides were willing…..the academy didn’t care.

Song Lan Er paid attention to Shi Gu’s expression and knew there was a way.  Her appearance, although she wasn’t a nation collapsing beauty, she had all the right things and was still considered a beauty.

“Senior, I’ve always admired the Strong Primary Alliance.  If senior can help me join, I could…..”  Song Lan Er’s voice became smaller and smaller, as her hand came from her chest, “accidentally” revealing something.

Shi Gu never thought that Song Lan Er would take the initiative, as he looked at her in a daze, “Even if you do this, I won’t…..”

“Senior, I can’t stand the small Ice Mist Country anymore.  Lan Er has always admired experts since she was young and senior is the strongest young man I’ve seen, Lan Er is willing to…..”  Song Lan Er opened her top even more.

Shi Gu’s hesitation slowly disappeared.  He picked Song Lan Er up and headed towards their tents.


The mountains that had been silent suddenly became restless.

There was the clashing of spiritual energy and the sounds of fighting under the stars.

Not all the freshmen were as “smart” as Song Lan Er, most people chose to fight.

Most of these freshmen weren’t past the fifth spiritual level, only a few of them were in the sixth spiritual level.  When facing those sixth, seventh, and even eighth spiritual level seniors working together, they couldn’t gain any advantages at all.

Ye Yu Xi’s group of three was very relaxed.

The other freshmen had gone over a mountain or two, only Ye Yu Xi’s group was still at the entrance.

“Master, your decision is too correct.”  Hei Feng Tian Zong observed the spiritual energy fluctuations in the distance from atop a tree.

There were several spiritual energy fluctuations that weren’t below the seventh spiritual level.

“Let them fight and we’ll rest.  Tomorrow morning, we’ll take their stuff.”  Ye Yu Xi’s lips curled into a smile that wasn’t beautiful at all, rather it was quite cruel.

The real play was about to begin.

Hei Feng Tian Zong and Hei Sha slept in a tent and Ye Yu Xi had her own tent.

Looking at the empty tent, Ye Yu Xi was a bit surprised.  After all these days, she was used to seeing Bai Jin Yi in her tent.

Not interested in sleeping, with a soft sigh, Ye Yu Xi sat down and cultivated her mental energy.

The mountains outside were restless.

Over a hundred freshmen had been robbed clean.

Compared to the thousand freshmen, it wasn’t even a tenth.  The plundering became even more intense.

Of the older students who came, most of them came for money.  After all, these things could be traded to the academy or the guilds after they went back, they could be exchanged for exchange points.


Zhi, zhi.

The Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx came out of Ye Yu Xi’s sleeve.  It climbed up onto Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder to lick her face, waking her from her cultivation.

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