Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 814

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Chapter 814: Early encounter (Part 2)

Bai Jin Yi waved his hand and spiritual energy surged out, slowly gathering as a spiritual energy tiger behind him.

With the injection of Bai Jin Yi’s spiritual energy, the tiger turned from illusory to real.  It stared at the people in ash grey clothes over ten meters away.


The tiger roared out and spat out spiritual energy.

“Go!”  Bai Jin Yi waved his hand and the tiger jumped out with a roar.

“Real form?”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes focused.  This tiger, it had a different feeling than the golden flame dragon Bai Jin Yi summoned before!

The faces of the people in ash grey clothes changed and one of them shouted, “Stop it!”

Hong, hong, hong.

The weakest among them was in the seventh spiritual level and everyone released their spiritual energy.

In an instant, over ten different beams of spiritual energy of different sizes attack the tiger.

Seeing the action of these people in ash grey clothes, Bai Jin Yi’s lips revealed a faint smile.  The White Tiger’s inheritance wasn’t just a simple spiritual energy taking form!


The spiritual energy tiger roared out, dodging left and right, with only one-two beams of spiritual energy hitting the tiger.

The tiger had the same might as it charged into them.

It entered the group in the blink of an eye.

“Kill it!”  A person in ash grey clothed roared as various weapons flew at the tiger.


The tiger charged at a person and opened its mouth to bite.  There wasn’t blood that scattered, as a golden flame came out of its mouth and turned that person on the ground to ashes.

Pu, pu, pu.

Three large blades landed on the tiger’s back.

“What is this thing!”

“Quickly scatter!”

The people in ash grey clothes saw this strange scene.

The tiger tail that was cut off by a blade instantly recovered!

Of the blades that fell onto the tiger’s back, other than cutting off some spiritual energy, there was no blood that came out.

This tiger, it wasn’t a spirit beast!

Roar, roar!

The tiger charged into the crowd again.

Ye Yu Xi looked at  the spiritual energy tiger Bai Jin Yi summoned as she sighed, “It really is an incredible inheritance.  Anything that people set their sights on isn’t something easy to accept.”

The spiritual energy tiger had Bai Jin Yi’s mind, or rather it was controlled by Bai Jin Yi’s mental energy, so it had more fighting experience than the people in ash grey clothes.

It was like tiger among lambs, in less than half a minute, there were over four people who died at the tiger’s mouth.

“Humph, a bunch of trash!”  A cold and hoarse voice came from the horse carriage.


The horse carriage shattered and a figure jumped out with ash grey wings gently flapping on their back.  A pair of eyes were staring at Bai Jin Yi not far away.

“Kid, daring to offend us, you must die!”

Bai Jin Yi had a smile as he pointed at the tiger.  The eyes of the tiger changed and it stopped.


With an explosion of spiritual energy, the surrounding people in ash grey clothes spat out mouthfuls of blood.  The people who were a bit weaker had their hearts explode and they died.


There was a blur in front of Ye Yu Xi’s eyes and when she reacted, Bai Jin Yi had already appeared behind that person.

“Low ninth spiritual level and you dare act this arrogant?!”  Bai Jin Yi grabbed the ash grey cloaked person and flames came out of his palm.

That ash grey cloaked person instantly turned into flames and fell from the sky.

“Sect master!”

“Sect master!”

Two people in ash grey clothes called out in shock.  Their sect master was in the ninth spiritual level! How, how did he lose in an instant?


The two saw the golden tiger wings on Bai Jin Yi’s back and they only had a single thought.

“You two, where are you going?”

The two in ash grey clothes had just turned and Bai Jin Yi’s voice came from behind them.

It was like the two were made of wood, being frozen in place.

“I’ll give you a chance to live.”  A smile appeared on Bai Jin Yi’s lips.


The two instantly kneeled, “Please senior, spare our lives.”

“What force do you come from, where is your sect?”  An evil charming smile appeared on Bai Jin Yi’s face.

Cutting grass and leaving the roots, that was not Bai Jin Yi’s style!

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