Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 78

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Chapter 78: Something is about to happen!

“Three hundred and thirty thousand gold coins!”  The seventh prince clasped the armrest until his veins popped out.  His main purpose for coming to Ningyuan City was mainly to obtain the City Lord’s palace’s support, so he didn’t bring more than five hundred thousand gold coins and some other pills.  He never thought he would meet someone going against him in this auction hall!

Ye Yu Xi revealed a faint proud look.  From the tone of the seventh prince’s voice, she could tell that he was running out of steam.  She said in a calm as usual voice, “Four hundred thousand gold coins.”

When he heard the price of four hundred thousand, the teacup the seventh prince had just picked up turned into dust.  Before the seventh prince said anything, Ye Xing Yong’s anxious voice came from the side.

“Seventh highness, don’t be impulsive!  I’ve heard that the Primary Martial Auction Hall’s Mo Tian Chou is related to the third highness.  If this matter is orchestrated by Mo Tian Chou to deliberately anger your highness, we can’t let our guard down at the most crucial moment!”  Ye Xing Yong did not think that map was worth that much money. To take out several hundred thousand to buy a map, that person’s brain must be crazy!

The seventh prince took a deep breath.  Ye Xing Yong mentioning Mo Tian Chou being related to the third prince, he already knew this.  With Ye Xing Yong saying this, the naturally suspicious seventh prince finally gave up on increasing the price.  But his eyes flashed with a sinister look as he asked Ye Xing Yong, “Do you recognize that woman’s voice!”

Ye Xing Yong shook his head and said in a very certain voice, “I don’t recognize it.  I know almost all the people with reputations in Ningyuan City. Just a few days ago, most of the large families in the city were robbed and their coffers were seriously injured.  In this situation, a woman being able to take out this much gold coins should not be someone from Ningyuan City!”

“Li Yong!”  The seventh prince made up his mind.

“Here.”  Li Yong took a step forward and lowered his head to bow.

“Quickly go and watch the people who bought the map for me.  Find a secluded place and take it back.” The seventh prince slid his finger across his neck.  Li Yong was in the sixth spiritual level and was experienced in battle. Fighting against the same sixth spiritual level cultivator Li Yong could fight one against three.  If this matter was handed to him, in this small Ningyuan City, it should be flawless!

As Li Yong turned to leave, the seventh prince in the VIP room softly said, “You’re the one insisting on offending me.  Since you’re seeking death, you can’t blame me!”

Four hundred thousand going once!

Four hundred thousand going twice!

Four hundred thousand going thrice, sold!

Even though it was Housekeeper Qiu, his face was filled with happiness at this moment.  He never thought that this broken map would actually attract this high of a price.

At the end of the auction, Ye Yu Xi brought Qing’er to pick up the thing they bought and the remaining gold coins.

When they arrived at the exchange area, Mo Tian Chou was already waiting for them.

“I should have thought earlier that it was the young miss who bought this Strange Flame map.  If I knew the young miss was interested in this map, I would have directly given it to you.”

Ye Yu Xi ignored Mo Tian Chou’s words and calmly said, “Business is business in the end, don’t break the rules.  I wonder if young master Mo has the materials needed to refine the Purple Spirit Pill.”

Materials for refining Purple Spirit Pills!  The people in front of them were real alchemists or at least an alchemist’s apprentice!

Mo Tian Chou’s expression did not change.  He did not reveal any looks of happiness or surprise as he nodded, “We do have some, but it isn’t complete.  I’ll have to look in the warehouse, I ask the two young misses to wait a bit.”

Ye Yu Xi did not wait half a cup of tea’s worth of time before the people Mo Tian Chou sent to the warehouse came back.

“Reporting to the young master.  There isn’t many Purple Spirit Pill refining materials in the warehouse and we’re lacking the Purple Thunder Monkey’s Heart.”

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