Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 76

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Chapter 76: Strange Flame map (Part 2)

In the end, the two pills were bought for a high price of one hundred and fifty thousand gold coins by a large family.

Qing’er’s little eyes under her cloak lit up.  When the heard the final price of one hundred and fifty gold coins, she excitedly grabbed Ye Yu Xi’s hand and her voice had a bit of trembling to it, “Young miss, an entire hundred and fifty thousand gold coins!  We’re rich this time!”

“Why are you so excited, there are still three more that haven’t been sold.  Sit down quietly. We’ll see if there’s anything worth buying and if there’s nothing happening the next two days, we’ll head to the mountains.”  Ye Yu Xi said to Qing’er in a hoarse voice.

“The mountain?  What mountain?” Qing’er was stunned.  The young miss had not mentioned this once!

While they had been speaking, there were two items that had been sold on the stage.

The next lot, three Purple Spirit Pills!


The hall was filled with noise as excited discussions exploded out.

Three Purple Spirit Pills and adding in the two from before, it was an entire five pills!  Being able to sell five Purple Spirit Pills in a single day, the Primary Martial Auction Hall’s network was truly wide, being able to contact a third grade alchemist!

“Two hundred thousand!”

“Two hundred and fifty thousand!”

“Two hundred and eighty thousand!”

The prices came one by one.  Three Purple Spirit Pills, as long as their younger generation fought for it, there was a chance of creating a young expert!  Like this, perhaps in another decade or two, Ningyuan City would have another first class power or another giant!

Finally, the three Purple Spirit Pills were sold for a high price of three hundred and fifty thousand gold coins!

Ye Yu Xi was very calm, this was within her expectations.  However, of the seven-eight items that had already been taken out, there was not a single item that could interest her.  She couldn’t help feeling disappointed.

“Everyone, the next lot is very special!”

Housekeeper Qiu’s simple words instantly attracted everyone’s attention and what attracted their attention even more was the servant on the stage!  In their hand, there was another tray!

Could it be another pill?

Everyone was guessing and their breathing all became a bit nervous!

“This is the final lot today!  An incomplete hidden treasure map!”  Housekeeper Qiu paused for a second and looked over everyone.

The people below were all servants from various powers, each one was a talented person.  Treasure maps were commonly seen and most maps were likely to be fakes. Even if it was real, many of them had already been taken by other people!  So, the price of treasure maps in auctions had never been high.

Housekeeper Qiu was not worried because of the reactions from the people below.  With a smile, he said, “Today’s treasure map is not normal. According to a real source, this treasure map marks the location of a Strange Flame!”

Strange Flame!  Ye Yu Xi revealed a curious look in her eyes.  Strange Flames were very helpful for alchemists!

When it came to Strange Flames, not only Ye Yu Xi was interested in the treasure map on the stage, there were several other powers that were interested.

But many of them helplessly shook their head and directly gave it up.  An incomplete treasure map, even if it was for a Strange Flame, it would be no use if they obtained it.  It was unknown if they could complete it and even if they did find it, they didn’t have anyone in their family with alchemy skills, so keeping it was like holding a hot potato.

“The starting price is fifty thousand gold coins!”  Housekeeper Qiu gave the price.

“Sixty thousand gold coins.”  A family head tentatively raised a price.  He did not believe that he could buy the map for this price, but he was not willing to let it go.

“Sixty thousand going once, sixty thousand going…..”

“Seventy thousand!”  A voice that was a bit domineering spoke out.

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