Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 748

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Chapter 748: Mighty Jiu Chen Yin (Part 1)

“I’m fine, I was just too careless and suffered a palm.”  Hei Sha shook her head.

Ye Yu Xi looked over everyone.  Other than Bai Jin Yi’s somewhat pale face, the others all looked fine.

Those soldiers to them were no stronger than three year old children.

“Boss, that little minx was quite powerful today.  The Mingyue Sect’s sect master has such a high cultivation and it died by its mouth in just two moves.”  The fatty didn’t forget the heroics of the Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx.

Little minx……

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned serious.  This matter, she would ask Long Xiao Pang about this later on!

“I never thought that young master Bai would give up on being a young valley lord to become a hired hand for a small girl in the Ice Mist Country!”  The young girl’s voice suddenly rang out.


The fatty and Ye Wen’s face fell.  They immediately stood up and moved in front of Ye Yu Xi.

Two meters away from them, there was the old lady and the young girl.

In these barren mountains, if the girl hadn’t spoken, no one would have noticed their approach!

Bai Jin Yi to the side saw the young girl’s face and his pupils suddenly shrank.

Jiu Chen Yin, why was she here?!

His eyes slightly looked over and seeing how Jiu Chen Yin was supporting the old lady, Bai Jin Yi’s heart became even more serious!  Grandmother Cloud Hand!

“Fatty, Ye Wen, stand down, they are not enemies.”  Bai Jin YI gave a rare order to the fatty and Ye Wen.

The fatty and Ye Wen didn’t move, they had never seen this girl before.

“Not an enemy, but that doesn’t mean we’re friends!”  Jiu Chen Yin held the old lady, not placing the fatty and the others in her eyes at all.

“Who are you?”  Ye Yu Xi softly pushed the fatty in front of her aside and came forward.

“You are Ye Yu Xi?”  Jiu Chen Yin looked her over.

“Who are you?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at this girl with cold eyes.

Strong and mysterious, she couldn’t tell the other side’s cultivation at all!

“I am Jiu Chen Yin.”  Jiu Chen Yin revealed a faint smile.  Her jade fingers pointed at Bai Jin Yi and her voice clearly said, “The man behind you, he is my friend’s fiance.”


A breeze swept several leaves in front of the two of them.

The pupils of fatty and the others popped out!

Young master Bai who slept in the same tent as Ye Yu Xi every day actually had a fiance?!

“Jiu Chen Yin?  Never heard of you before.”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold.


In the blink of an eye, the old lady Jiu Chen Yin was supporting disappeared.

“Kid Bai, long time no see.  Come with me, there are a few things I need to ask you.”  Grandmother Cloud Hand suddenly appeared behind Ye Yu Xi, facing Bai Jin Yi.

Ye Yu Xi was stunned.  When……When……When did she come over!

In an instant, there was a cold sweat that broke out on Ye Yu Xi’s back.  If that old lady had made a move against her, she…..would have definitely died!

If it wasn’t for the old lady speaking up, Ye Yu Xi wouldn’t have sensed the other side’s movements at all!


Before Bai Jin Yi could reject her, Grandmother Cloud Hand had grabbed Bai Jin Yi’s wrist and they had disappeared.

“Ye Yu Xi, let me tell you, it’s best…..if you become a bit more respectful.”  Jiu Chen Yin’s cold eyes narrowed, treating the angry gazes of the fatty and the others like thin air.

“You want to fight?”  Ye Yu Xi wasn’t willing to show weakness.

“I say, you…..” The fatty saw Jiu Chen Yin’s appearance and was dissatisfied.

“Un?”  Jiu Chen Yin narrowed her eyes and her eyes staring at the fatty seemed to release spiritual energy!


Just with a gaze, the fatty flew seven-eight meters away, falling to the ground.

They were stunned!

This person, so terrifying!

“If you need something, come at me.”  Ye Yu Xi slightly shifted her feet, blocking the others behind her. 

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