Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 663

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Chapter 663: I can let you gain more strength (Part 2)

Seeing the scene in front of him, Shi Qing’s eyes revealed a stunned look.


To marry someone from the Bai Family, you have to bring out enough strength~~

Shi Qing remembered what Bai Jin Yi said before.

Bai Jin Yi’s strength was like a tall mountain that couldn’t be surpassed.  If he had enough strength, then Shi Ying…..

Shi Qing looked at his hands and gradually tightened them as he made a decision in his heart.

The uncle saw the aura around Shi Qing change and knew that Shi Qing had made a decision.  His lips curled into a faint smile, “A man should be like this, you shouldn’t compromise for anything!  There is nothing the Xue Family can’t do!”

“Big brother, this kid really is a good material.  If he stayed by those people’s side, it really is a waste.”  Xue Yu said.


Shi Qing looked at Xue Yu with ice cold eyes, “If you keep slandering the young miss, I will kill you!”

The air around the mountain peak gradually became tense.

“Young miss, you’re talking about the little girl covered in thick killing intent?”  The uncle thought about it, “Her talent indeed isn’t bad, but only the Xue Family can give you the greatest help for your Violent Blood Physique.”

“The young miss has graced me with her favour, I, Shi Qing will never forget a benefactor.”  Shi Qing said.

“Good, you have strong emotions, truly a member of my Xue Family.”  The uncle gave a laugh, “You can raise one request and I will do my best to help you with it.  After that, you have to obediently follow me back to the Xue Family.”


Hesitation appeared in Shi Qing’s heart.

“Alright!”  Shi Qing made his decision, “I want you to help me……”

Xue Yu and the uncle heard Shi Qing’s request and their gaze revealed a trace of surprise.  They never thought that he would raise such a simple request.

“Just this?”  The uncle said in a surprise voice.

Shi Qing nodded.

“Xue Yu, you bring Shi Qing back to the clan first before performing this matter.”  The uncle said.

“Alright.”  Xue Yu nodded.  He grabbed Shi Qing’s clothes and flew off to the northwest.


On the main road.

“The Xue Family, what kind of power is it?”  Ye Yu Xi coldly asked.

“It’s one of the ancient families.  The main symbol for them is that they can go berserk, which is the Violent Blood Physique.”  Bai Jin Yi recalled.

“Then Shi Qing……”

“Many years ago, the Xue Family met with big change after big change, so their family members have been scattered across the continent.  In order for the Xue Family to revitalize themselves, they have been searching for people with the Violent Blood Physique and decent talent.  Shi Qing…..should be a descendant of the Xue Family.”

Bai Jin Yi recalled Shi Qing’s talent and he couldn’t help sighing on the inside a few times.

Ye Yu Xi’s heart finally calmed down, it was good that Shi Qing wasn’t in danger.  As for the Violent Blood Physique, she only knew a bit about it.

Although they had Long Xiao Pang, there was no one with a deeper understanding than his family.

“Let’s go, head to the High Ocean Mountains.”  Ye Yu Xi stood up.

Shi Qing wasn’t in danger and Ye Yu Xi had something more important to do.  Find the Strange Flame and take revenge on the seventh prince!

This death grudge, Ye Yu Xi had remembered this in her heart for a long time!

With one less person, other than Long Xiao Pang who didn’t care, the others all felt a bit depressed.  They moved quickly, even faster than before.

In less than two days, they already came to the edge of the High Ocean Mountains.

Seeing the blue colour that filled their eyes, other than Bai Jin Yi and Long Xiao Pang, the others all had looks of surprise in their eyes!

“Boss, the tree, it’s blue!”  The fatty’s small eyes became bigger and bigger.

“Humph, you really have no experience.  There are even purple trees.” Long Xiao Pang rolled his eyes.

“For the tree to be blue, it’s a sign the Burning Sea Thunder Flame is near!”  Bai Jin Yi looked around.

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