Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 571

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Chapter 571: Black Stone Mountain Range (Part 3)

“Huo Ling, we’re leaving.”  Ye Yu Xi said to Huo Ling through her mind, but she didn’t have Huo Ling come with her.  

Huo Ling flew high up into the sky, searching for treasure while watching the actions of the people following behind Ye Yu Xi.

They were looking for a place to rest for the night.

Ye Yu Xi had prepared her guard, but Li Peng Pu’s group didn’t ambush them, so the night passed by without anything happening.

“It seems like the friends behind us are quite patient.”  Bai Jin Yi stretched himself out.

Ye Yu Xi didn’t say anything.  In front of Ye Yu Xi, with a flash of light, Long Xiao Pang slowly appeared.

“Dragon master, why did you come out?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Long Xiao Pang in front of her.  Long Xiao Pang said that he was researching something new before, it had already been several days since he came out.

“It seems like dragon master’s research was a success.”  Bai Jin Yi said with a smile.

Long Xiao Pang rubbed his little nose, “Of course, don’t you know who this dragon master is?”

“Little human ginseng, what were you researching?  Let me see.” Huo Ling looked at Long Xiao Pang, asking in a cute manner.

“Go, go, go, play on the side, there is nothing for you here.  Hei, hei, little girl, let’s make a deal.” Long Xiao Pang looked at Ye Yu Xi with no good intentions.

“How much do you want?”  Ye Yu Xi directly said. Every deal she made with Long Xiao Pang, it was either roasted meat or roasted meat.

“Not much, two thousand.  This price is very fair and affordable, this dragon master has worked hard for many days now.”  Long Xiao Pang saw that Ye Yu Xi didn’t agree, so he added a few words.


Ye Yu Xi nodded.  That number was still within her expectations, “What have you researched?”

“Hei, hei, do you remember the Nine Seals on your body?”

“Un?”  If Long Xiao Pang didn’t mention it, Ye Yu Xi would have forgotten that there were seals on her body!

“I’ve changed the unsealing palm technique and added in your acupuncture technique, it can unseal the first seal.  It will let your cultivation increase in a short period of time.” Long Xiao Pang excitedly said.

“Oh?  How is it done?”  Ye Yu Xi excitedly came forward.  Even Bai Jin Yi to the side came up with her.

Changing a seal technique, perhaps only Long Xiao Pang had to courage to try!

“Here, this is for you.  Everything is written on it, but you don’t have enough things right now.  You need some needles made of mithril, normal needles won’t be able to take that much spiritual energy.”  Long Xiao Pang gave a scroll made of lamb skin to Ye Yu Xi.

“Mithril…..”  Ye Yu Xi repeated in her mind.  That thing was not easy to find!

Ye Yu Xi had seen it when she was learning about materials.  Mithril was even more precious than gold at the same weight, the main reason for this was that mithril could store spiritual energy for cultivators.

“It seems like I can’t use this unsealing method for now.”  Ye Yu Xi pointed at the thing Long Xiao Pang was raising in his hand.

“If you have to say it like this, it is indeed like that.  I don’t care when you find the mithril! You still have to get me the lamb meat!”  Long Xiao Pang seriously warned her.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  It was just a bit of lamb meat, she would have the fatty roast it when they went back.  It wouldn’t cost her anything……

“Achoo!  Achoo!” The fatty in the capital city was currently sleeping when he suddenly sneezed twice.  He rubbed his nose and turned over, as he muttered, “Who is plotting against this fat master.”

“Master, master, there are wolves over there!  So many wolves, so terrifying. Master, let’s go around them.”

Huo Ling’s voice came from the sky.

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