Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 519

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Chapter 519: Want to marry you

Inside the Primary Martial Auction Hall headquarters.

“Your highness.”  Mo Tian Chou respectfully stood in front of the third prince and bowed down.

The third prince waved his hand, “Do you know the location of the Feather Wing Mercenaries?”

“Reporting to your highness.  Some of the normal mercenaries have already been found, they are hiding in the capital city.  Only, only young miss Ye hasn’t been found.” Mo Tian Chou respectfully reported.

“Inside the capital city?  They really are bold. The entire city is looking for Feather Wing, but they dare run into the city.  But…..the city guard’s people would never think that Feather Wing was just hiding under their eyes.”

The third prince held his hands behind him and stood at the window, letting out a sigh.

“Forget it, call all our people back first.  Don’t look for them if you can’t find them. With young miss Ye’s abilities, the guards are helpless against her.”  The third prince waved his hand behind him.

“Yes.”  Mo Tian Chou accepted this order and left, softly closing the door.

“Ye Yu Xi.”  The third prince softly said, as Ye Yu Xi’s clear eyes appeared in front of him.  That immature face that had the beauty of a nation collapsing beauty was still deeply imprinted in his mind.

“A good Ye Yu Xi.  If it wasn’t for your identity being too sensitive, even this prince would want to marry you…..”

The third prince silently watched the stream of people moving outside……


Ye Yu Xi and the others were eating breakfast when Bai Jin Yi said that he was a bit tired.  In front of Ye Yu Xi’s surprised eyes, he went back to his room to rest.

For the next few days, the sisters kept training in the manor.

Whenever it became night, Bai Jin Yi would routinely enter Ye Yu Xi’s room.

That Exquisite Wonder Technique, once it was started, it had to be cultivated each day.  This gave Bai Jin Yi a real reason.

But it had to be mentioned, the second time they entered the Exquisite Wonder Technique.

The experiences of the two…..swapped!

When Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi’s bodies came together.

Ye Yu Xi had a clear feeling from Bai Jin Yi’s bottom half on her abdomen.

That feeling only lasted an instant.  After that, Ye Yu Xi was filled with endless pain.

The Exquisite Wonder Technique, one either saw the other side being filled with bliss or saw the other side taking the punishment for them……

After personally experiencing this pain, Ye Yu Xi understood why with Bai Jin Yi’s strength, he had that kind of reaction after the first time.

Of course, after the pain, there were many benefits.

Like Bai Jin Yi before, after waking up from the second round of cultivation, Ye Yu Xi felt that her mental energy was much stronger compared to before.  This kind of unbearable pain was tempering their mental energy!

On the third night, Bai Jin Yi came to Ye Yu Xi’s room again.

“I thought you wouldn’t come.  This time, it’s your turn!” Ye Yu Xi saw Bai Jin Yi’s dark look.

Bai Jin Yi let out a sigh.  One time of extreme bliss and one time of extreme pain, switching between them.  It made people love and hate it!

The third time they entered the cultivation technique, Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi were very calm about the situation…..Any place that could be seen had already been seen by them.

After several days……

The Alchemist Selection Meet had begun, but Ye Yu Xi was not a part of it.

Nangong Ying Xue told Ye Yu Xi that now that she was a first grade alchemist, according to the rules, Ye Yu Xi didn’t need to take part in the selections.  She could directly use her alchemist badge to participate in the final round.

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