Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 421

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Chapter 421: The seventh prince came once

The old housekeeper from General Ji’s Manor was trembling as he leaned against the wall.  He looked at the fatty and others with eyes filled with fear as he said, “I have already told you everything that I know!  Spare me, I will give you all of my money, all of it!”

The old man’s stomach was already green with regret, he shouldn’t have been greedy over that bit of gold coins back then.  Right now, not to mention the gold coins, he might even be able to keep his old life.

“Young miss, this is the recorded confession of this old fool.”

The fatty saw Ye Yu Xi come over and put down the whip in his hand.  He gave several sheets of paper over to Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi took the papers and looked over them a few times.  There were many things on them that she had also learned from Ji Wu Liang back then.


The old man kowtowed on the ground as he kept begging for mercy from Ye Yu Xi, “Spare me, spare me, I won’t dare next time!”

This old man was not a fool, he knew that the one in charge here was Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the information in her hands and revealed a cold smile as she looked at the old housekeeper.

“I’ll ask you another two questions.  If you can answer them, I won’t kill you.”

The old housekeeper heard this and there was a desire to survive that exploded in his eyes.  He stammered as he said, “Ask, ask. As long as I, I know it, I’ll definitely, definitely tell you.”

“I crippled your young master, so normally speaking, your General Ji wouldn’t just sit there without caring.  Why hasn’t General Ji made a move during these past few days?”

Ye Yu Xi saw many cases of military expense corruption, as well as taking the gifts of the ministers in the confession, but it didn’t speak of General Ji’s current situation.

“Ji, General Ji is out inspecting the camps and he hasn’t come back yet.  It’ll, it’ll be at least another ten days before he comes back. The young, the young master’s matter, the general still, still doesn’t know yet.”  The old man told them everything.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  This was like Ying Xue’s investigation results, it seemed like it was true, General Ji really wasn’t in the capital.

“In the past few days, what kind of people have come to General Ji’s Manor.”  Ye Yu Xi gave another question.

“This, this…..”  The old housekeeper hesitated for a bit!

Ye Yu Xi had just casually asked this, but……she never thought she would gain anything.  From this old fool’s appearance, there was clearly something there!

“In the past few days, some alchemist and some of the young master’s friends came to visit.  There were also some subordinates that came with gifts. Other than that, no, no one else came.”  The old man looked down as a look of struggle appeared in his eyes.


Ye Yu Xi casually threw out some turquoise flame that landed not far away in front of the old man.

“Ah!”  The old man called out in shock as he quickly dodged to the side!

“It seems like you’ve forgotten the feeling of being burned by the flames!”  Ye Yu Xi coldly reprimanded! She spoke in a cold tone as if she would directly kill this old man if he didn’t give a satisfactory answer.

“This, this.”  The old man unconsciously looked up at Ye Yu Xi.  Seeing her look like a death god without any expression and eyes filled with killing intent, he instantly backed down.

“The seventh, the seventh prince came once…..”  The old man’s voice instantly became softer.

The seventh prince……

Ye Yu Xi’s mind moved!

After coming back last time, she had Nangong Ying Xue investigate General Ji, but they hadn’t found anything suspicious yet!

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