Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 367

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Chapter 367: Jia Manor’s people are here

“Ying Xue, send another two hundred people into the city.  Can they not be detected by the other forces?” Ye Yu Xi looked at Nangong Ying Xue beside her with a serious expression.

“Two hundred people…..If they are scattered, it should be no problem.  It is the Alchemist Selection Meet these next few days, so many powers are gathering in the capital city.  If some extra people come in, no one will notice.”

Nangong Ying Xue considered it.  The inn owned by Feather Wing could take a hundred people and the other hundred had to be placed somewhere else.

“Let’s return to headquarters first before making our plans.”  Ye Yu Xi put the cloaks into her Space Ring and left the alley with Nangong Ying Xue and Mu Xue Qing.

Ye Yu Xi walked very quickly and when she came out of the alley, she almost ran into someone.

That person was holding an invitation and there were several companions with him who also had the same invitation.  They looked like they were businessmen and they were prepared to head to a banquet.

“Ai?  Isn’t this young miss Ye Yu Xi!”  That man looked up and was stunned, unconsciously asking this question.

Ye Yu Xi looked over the thing in the other side’s hand and replied without any expression, “You recognized the wrong person.”

She walked past that man.

That man moved out of the way and turned to watch the three of them leave.  He scratched his head in an uncertain manner.

“Old Jin, didn’t you always tell us that Ye Yu Xi was famous in Ningyuan City as the waste young miss?  This is the capital city and not Ningyuan City, how could that possibly be Ye Yu Xi!”

A companion beside the man tapped his shoulder and drew his attention.

That man scratched his head and felt confused.  That face looked like Ye Yu Xi, but why was she in the royal capital?  Could it be he recognized the wrong person?

“Big sister Yu Xi, do you know that person?”  Nangong Ying Xue saw that the men behind them had walked away and asked Ye Yu Xi this question in a low voice.

Ye Yu Xi shook her head.  She tried to remember and in her memory, she hadn’t interacted with this person before.  She thought about the thing he had in his hand again, “Ying Xue, after we head back, send people to investigate what they were doing.  I feel like something is up.”

Nangong Ying Xue nodded.  They quickly headed back to the Feather Wing headquarters outside of town.

They didn’t speak on the way and arrived on the outskirts.


Two “old men” in farmer clothes respectfully bowed.

Nangong Ying Xue nodded and her eyes looked at the horse carriage outside the village.

“There are guests?”  Nangong Ying Xue casually asked.

“Yes.  The Jia Manor’s horse carriage is here, as well as General Xiahou’s manor.  There are other forces who have sent people, but we don’t know their identities.”

“Un, I know.  Continue with your guard.”  Nangong Ying Xue waved her hand and the two “old men” returned to their farming.

Nangong Ying Xue led Ye Yu Xi and Mu Xue Qing on another path into the village, deliberately avoiding the first few houses.

Inside the village, there was a yard separated for welcoming important guests, only in name to save money, they rented out the yards to normal villagers.  Normally Nangong Ying Xue and the others lived in the most safe place in the center of the village.

They returned to the manor in the center of the village.

“Leader, there are some important people here to buy information.  There are two who are buying information on young miss Ye. The old housekeeper is receiving them in the guest hall.”  As soon as they came in, the subordinate reported everything to Nangong Ying Xue.

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