Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 353

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Chapter 353: Gathering without scattering?

“Eh…..This…..”  When Long Xiao Pang heard Huo Ling’s words, he felt this little dumb bird did make a bit of sense.  Ye Yu Xi did have some things right now…..She had all kinds of things to deal with in the morning and needed to refine pills and read books at night.  She had a pitiful amount of sleep already.

Ye Yu Xi heard Huo Ling’s words and was also a bit stunned.  There was a bit of tiredness between her brows. In front of her sisters and Blood Enchantress, she was aloof and powerful, but behind all that, it was also very hard for her.

When a person shined bright, the suffering they had to deal with behind it was not something normal people could imagine.

Long Xiao Pang considered it and suddenly had an idea.  He looked up at Ye Yu Xi and said in a commanding tone, “From today onwards, you’ll cultivate two hours a day.”

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  For things that were important to Long Xiao Pang, it would definitely be greatly beneficial for her.  Otherwise, Long Xiao Pang wouldn’t order her around.

Speaking of this, after knowing Long Xiao Pang, this was the first time Long Xiao Pang had ordered her to do anything.

After Long Xiao Pang gave his order to Ye Yu Xi, he went back to his laughing state and ran to the side to eat lamb meat.

Ye Yu Xi watched Long Xiao Pang leave and shook her head.  Sometimes Long Xiao Pang was smarter than any person, seeing through any thoughts in front of him and sometimes he was a child like Huo Ling, throwing a fit over a bit of food.

Seeing no one disturbing her, Ye Yu Xi focused on doing what she should do.

The turquoise Beast Flame was thrown into the cauldron by Ye Yu Xi.

The flames reached the bottom of the cauldron and Ye Yu Xi found something strange!

This flame!

It gathered without scattering?

Ye Yu Xi felt the temperature of the flame and was amazed by it, immediately thinking of this.

Long Xiao Pang who wasn’t far away looked over, as if expecting everything that happened.  With a smile, he said nothing as he continued to eat his lamb meat.

Ye Yu Xi was not admiring the temperature of the flame, but rather the flame’s heat wasn’t scattering outwards at all!

If one went out even a little bit, they couldn’t feel the heat of the flame at all.  Compared to the spiritual energy flame from before, even if one was two-three meters away, they could feel the heat from the flame.

Feeling the strangeness of the flame, Ye Yu Xi released her mental energy with a thought.

The heat inside the cauldron was surprisingly high!

When a herb was thrown into the cauldron, under the high temperatures, it instantly melted and turned into a drop of liquid.

This melting speed…..It’s actually faster?

Ye Yu Xi felt the change of the herb inside the cauldron and found that it was different.  The speed of the herb turning into spiritual liquid was ten times faster than before!

Moreover, after an herb was melted into spiritual liquid, there would be many impurities in it.  It would need to be refined until it could be used as spiritual liquid to form a pill.

But what was different was that the spiritual liquid purification speed was half the speed before.

Long Xiao Pang looked at Ye Yu Xi’s back and smiled again as he thought: Little girl, the cauldron list, the Strange Flame list, and the Beast Flame list aren’t just for fun.  Slowly experience the benefits they bring.

Ye Yu Xi finished a cauldron of first grade pills.  With the effects of the Beast Flame and the cauldron, this cauldron of first grade pill took less than an hour to finish.  If it was before, it would have taken at least two hours to finish.

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