Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 347

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Chapter 347: Feels very familiar

Strictly speaking, the Dark Poison God’s Art Ye Yu Xi was cultivating was also this kind of cultivation technique.  However, Ye Yu Xi’s Dark Poison God’s Art could swallow more things, being able to swallow heaven and earth treasures.

If she swallowed heaven and earth treasures, like Strange Flames or Beast Flames, Ye Yu Xi could consider it.  If she had to swallow other people’s blood to raise her cultivation, Ye Yu Xi wouldn’t be able to do it.

Ye Yu Xi couldn’t do it, but with the seventh prince’s personality, it wasn’t the same!

Shaking her head, she suppressed the guesses in her mind and Ye Yu Xi walked into the Alchemist Guild.

When she came into the Alchemist Guild, the feeling around her was instantly different.  The outside air was considered cold, but the Alchemist Guild’s air was warm and fragrant, either because of the alchemists or because of another reason.

Ye Yu Xi stood in the main hall looking around herself.  In the main hall, other than the announcement board and sales office, there weren’t many people around in other places, at least it was very few people.


Ye Yu Xi eyes focused as she saw a familiar back at the stairs leading to the second floor.

Ye Zhi Qiu?

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes couldn’t help stopping for a second.

Ye Zhi Qiu who was about to enter the second floor felt someone’s eyes on him and turned around, matching gazes with Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Zhi Qiu’s eyes were very calm as he took just a glimpse before looking away.  He was walking up the stairs, but his steps were much slower than usual.

“That girl just now…..she felt very familiar!”  Ye Zhi Qiu’s heart was suddenly stirred. When he arrived on the second floor, he gave the order to the follower behind him, “Go and investigate.  See what that girl is here to do. If there is a need, go to the Feather Wing group to investigate that person.”

Ye Zhi Qiu waved his hand to let his subordinate go.  That girl who matched gazes with him was not simple, at least the sharpness in her eyes was not something normal people could have!


Ye Yu Xi “sent” Ye Zhi Qiu off with her eyes while also thinking in her heart: I never thought that Ye Zhi Qiu would be ranked in the Ice Mist Country’s top three.  It seems like the Alchemist Guild does have some backing!

It was no wonder Ye Zhi Qiu planned to get rid of Yan Hua in the Heaven Mountain Range.  Without confidence, he wouldn’t have dared to have that thought.

“Hello young miss, is there anything I can help you with?”  A green clothed attendant ran over and greeted Ye Yu Xi with a faint smile.

Ye Yu Xi looked over this attendant.  He was wearing green robes with a face that was considered handsome and there was an embroidered “Alchemy” word on his left chest.

“If I’m here to take the alchemist test, what do I need to day?”  Ye Yu Xi kept looking around.

“This miss is planning to take the alchemist test?”  The green clothed attendant revealed a look of surprise.  There was only this Alchemist Guild in the Ice Mist Country, almost all the alchemists came here and it was the same for the alchemist tests.  However, this girl in front of him was too young! At this age, can she control a spiritual energy flame?”

Ye Yu Xi nodded, ignoring the surprised look in the green clothed attendant’s eyes.

“Come over here with me.”  The green clothed attendant brought Ye Yu Xi to the registration place and pointed to the door as he said to Ye Yu Xi, “You need advanced registration for the alchemist test.  There will be people behind this door that can help this miss.”

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