Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 345

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Chapter 345: Number one genius, Jia Qiong!

Compared to Yan Hao, Ye Yu Xi felt that Xiahou Yu Rou was more dangerous.  Just that smiling and pure expression on her face gave people a kind of invincible feeling.

Hearing Ying Xue talk about the Ten Geniuses on the road, Ye Yu Xi had some basic understanding of the Ice Mist Country’s situation.

From the fame of the Ten Geniuses and their respective powers, the Ice Mist Country was in complete chaos.  What made attracted Ye Yu Xi’s attention was the number one genius, Jia Qiong!

That Jia Qiong was the person the seventh prince wanted to marry.

“Ying Xue, how much do you know about the seventh prince and Jia Qiong?”  Ye Yu Xi had a sinister tone. When mentioning the seventh prince, she had an uncomfortable feeling.  For someone that wanted her to die, Ye Yu Xi always took care of it as soon as possible.

“We only know that Jia Qiong is prime minister Jia’s eldest daughter, having great talent, being the Mingyue Sect’s inner sect disciple and the number one genius of the Ice Mist Country.  We don’t know anything else about her. We know a bit more about the seventh prince, but according to our information, the seventh prince seemed to have joined a mysterious power. Those young boys and girls are being secretly sent to the mysterious force.”  Nangong Ying Xue told her everything.

“Mysterious power?”  Ye Yu Xi raised one brow.  When she bathed the Zhao Manor in blood, the Zhao Family Head had mentioned it.  The seventh prince and these people had some deal and they were working together, but now she was certain of it.

While talking about this, the two of them arrived in the city.

Although the Alchemist Guild was not in the prosperous center of the capital city, it wasn’t that remote.

Ye Yu Xi saw the high gates of the Alchemist Guild and in the center of it, there was a cauldron.  There was blazing flames on it and it never extinguished.

Outside the Alchemist Guild, there was a luxurious horse carriage parked there.  There were two blade wielding guards specifically guarding by the side of the horse carriage.

Ye Yu Xi and Nangong Ying Xue dismounted.

Nangong Ying Xue’s eyes were sharped, recognizing the horse carriage with a single look.  She pulled on Ye Yu Xi’s sleeve.

“Big sister Yu Xi, that is the seventh prince’s horse carriage, it seems like he is inside.  Should we wait a while before going in?” Nangong Ying Xue said in a small voice beside Ye Yu Xi’s ear.

Ye Yu Xi looked over the luxurious horse carriage and revealed a faint smile of disdain, “Directly head in.”

The two of them kept going forward and a group came out just in time with the one leading them being the seventh prince!

The seventh prince clearly noticed Ye Yu Xi outside the door and stopped moving, locking gazes with her.

“You’re actually not dead?”  The seventh prince narrowed his eyes.  The meaning in his words were clear, Ye Yu Xi should have been a dead person.

“It’s by your grace.”  Ye Yu Xi was not outdone.

Nangong Ying Xue kept pulling on Ye Yu Xi’s sleeve, signaling to her to keep her temper in check.  Although the two of them had a grudge, this was not the place to make a move! After all, this was the royal capital.

“Your highness, the person beside her is Nangong Ying Xue and she has always been close to the third prince.  Should we…..” A follower also whispered in the seventh prince’s ear as he looked at Nangong Ying Xue with unkind eyes.

Hearing this, the seventh prince looked at Nangong Ying Xue behind Ye Yu Xi.

His eyes paused for a second before the seventh prince revealed an empty smile, “Forget it.  This highness is in a good mood today, head back to the palace.”

Ye Yu Xi and Nangong Ying Xue stood there without moving.  Although Ye Yu Xi knew she had a grudge with the seventh prince, this was the street and Ye Yu Xi wasn’t foolish enough to publically assassinate a prince.

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