Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 342

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Chapter 342: Count me in

In Zhang Da Yong’s eyes, a Ye Yu Xi who wasn’t even twenty, what qualification did she have to lead Feather Wing?

“Zhang Da Yong!”  Nangong Ying Xue angrily shouted as she flared at him.  He was causing trouble for her at this time!

Ye Yu Xi patted Ying Xue’s shoulder and stopped her from shouting.

She took a few steps forward.

She was standing beside Nangong Ying Xue and looked over the mercenaries with strange looks on their faces.  Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile without any disturbances, “I know that many people are unsettled. Something that you have used your lives to exchange for is being taken by someone with just a word.  If it was me, I wouldn’t accept it.”

Ye Yu Xi looked over everyone as her tone became sharp, “But!  On the Purple Cloud Continent, strength reigns supreme! If you want a reason, I will give you a reason.  I can become your leader because……you are all too weak!”

As soon as Ye Yu Xi’s voice fell, the faces of the mercenaries changed.  They had expressions that could be considered calm, but now they were looking disturbed.

A bunch of large men was being called weak by a little girl they hadn’t seen before, how could they not be angry?

“Hu, hu.”  When Zhang Da Yong heard Ye Yu Xi’s words, his breathing became agitated.  Taking in a deep breath and suppressing his anger, he shouted at Ye Yu Xi through gritted teeth, “I want to challenge you!  If you can defeat me, I will submit!”

Zhang Da Yong glared at Ye Yu Xi.  Zhang Da Yong could feel that the spiritual energy waves from this person wasn’t strong, at most it was in the third spiritual level.  To have someone in the third spiritual level command him, Zhang Da Yong couldn’t accept this!

There were quite a few mercenaries on the training field who had the same thoughts as Zhang Da Yong.  Feather Wing controlled a lot of information and it was these mercenaries who gathered the information.  They all clearly knew who were the young talents of the country.

In the information controlled by the Feather Wing group, among the younger generation of the Ice Mist Country, there wasn’t a person like this Ye Yu Xi!

Ye Yu Xi coldly looked over these people.  As men, they should be hot blooded, so Ye Yu Xi didn’t blame them on this.  Ye Yu Xi never even considered taking over this Feather Wing group. Not only did she not want to take over, she even wanted to give Blood Enchantress over to Ying Xue to manage.

But right now, Ye Yu Xi wanted to teach these impulsive subordinates of Ying Xue a lesson.

Today it was Ye Yu Xi, but if it was another expert, the entire mercenary group could be destroyed because of one or two impulsive people.

“Only this person has courage?”  Ye Yu Xi deliberately raised her voice and there was a bit of “contempt” in it.

The mercenaries who were already angry almost spouted flames from their eyes.

“Count me in.”

“Count me in.”

Another two mercenaries walked out.

Ye Yu Xi looked over them and gave a cold snort, “Good, if the three of you together can take a single move from me, you can decide who will be the leader.”

Ye Yu Xi’s casual words made Ying Xue’s eyes become a bit wider.

This Zhang Da Yong was in the fifth spiritual level!

No matter how strong Ye Yu Xi was, she couldn’t beat three people in one move.

“Big sister Yu Xi, you can’t……”

Ye Yu Xi raised a hand and stopped Ying Xue.  She looked at the three of them and slightly raised her chin, “How about it?”

Zhang Da Yong had a fiery temper and if it wasn’t for Nangong Ying Xue on the side, he would have already charged over.

“You’re, arrogant, enough!”  Zhang Da Yong squeezed these three words out through gritted teeth.

Ye Yu Xi saw the three of them nod in agreement.  She instantly narrowed her eyes and they focused, looking like two streaks of lightning.

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