Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 335

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Chapter 335: The things you’ve done!

“Hu!  Hu!  Little human ginseng, explain yourself for this treasure!”

Huo Ling was panting as he charged out of the white fog.  His two little hands were tightly holding herbs as his arms were tensed up and his eyes were wide open, looking very angry.

Huo Ling came to the platform and looked around.  The ground that was covered in herbs was now completely empty…..Even Ye Yu Xi was blown away by the spiritual energy wind, how could those herbs be fine.

“Little human ginseng!  Explain to me clearly what happened here!”  Huo Ling suddenly roared out. He wanted to reach out to grab Long Xiao Pang, but he remembered he was still holding herbs when he raised his hands.

Huo Ling was filled with rage.  His herbs were gone, this treasure is very angry!

He made a throwing action, but his hand stopped mid air.  Huo Ling thought about it and was a bit unwilling as he put the herb straight into his mouth, swallowing it after chewing a few times.

He pointed at Long Xiao Pang as he “scolded”, “Little human ginseng!  Look at what you’ve done! Where did all of this treasure’s herbs go!”

Huo Ling remembered the scene just now.  He had been minding his own business as he was eating without offending anyone when suddenly a gust of wind had blown him away.  If it wasn’t for his reaction being fast, quickly grabbing the herbs in his hand, he wouldn’t have even been able to eat those two bundles.

“Eh, this Huo Ling, I also did it for your master.  Then again, isn’t it just a bit of herb? I’ll give you some of my lamb meat later.  Look at my lamb meat, un? My lamb meat!!!” Long Xiao Pang wanted to give some of his food to Huo Ling to calm his anger.

Turning around, he found where he had placed his lamb meat to be empty…..

“Humph, it’s good that it’s gone!  It should all be gone, you blew away all of this treasure’s herbs.”  Huo Ling angrily said as his anger had not subsided yet.

Long Xiao Pang took in a deep breath as he began to feel depressed.  There were still several whole lambs he hadn’t eaten yet…..but they were gone like this…..

Feeling Huo Ling’s angry gaze, Long Xiao Pang jumped up and pointed at Ye Yu Xi as he explained, “Little dumb bird, you can’t blame this on me, it was to help your master.  If you have to blame someone, you can have your master get you more herbs later.”

Huo Ling blinked his large eyes and looked at Ye Yu Xi covered in the turquoise Beast Flames before looking back at Long Xiao Pang.  Biting his finger, he looked at his master before turning back to Long Xiao Pang, “This is wrong! I should blame you! It was you who unlocked the seal!”

Long Xiao Pang knew this momentum was bad, so he pointed behind Huo Ling, “Huo Ling, there is a herb behind you.”

When Huo Ling heard the word herb, he unconsciously turned around.  Long Xiao Pang took this chance to run off as he turned into smoke…..

Huo Ling saw that there was nothing behind him and understood what happened.  He roared out at Long Xiao Pang who was running away, “Stinky human ginseng, you tricked me again!”

Huo Ling waved his arm and turned into the little bird form as he chased after him.


Ye Yu Xi was in a world filled with Beast Flames and Strange Flames, as her meridians kept stirring.  Of course, the one she could feel most clearly was the echo from the turquoise flame.

The turquoise flame kept changing into different shapes in front of  Ye Yu Xi. Sometimes it was curled up, sometimes it looked up, sometimes it was running, sometimes it was rolling, and sometimes it was biting.  It moved just like a real snake.

That blue snake showed all of its skills before turning into a flame that drilled into Ye Yu Xi’s forehead.

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