Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Spiritualist Guild

After negotiating with Huo Ling for a while, Ye Yu Xi finally made Huo Ling quiet down with the condition that he would bring something for Huo Ling to eat.  Huo Ling’s food was not normal chicken, duck, or fish meat and were herbs rich in spiritual energy or heavenly treasures.

Ye Yu Xi could buy some ordinary herbs for him, but as for heavenly treasures, Ye Yu Xi could ignore because she could not afford things like that for now.

“Young miss, where are we going now?”  Qing’er group of three followed Ye Yu Xi out of the inn.

“The Spiritualist Guild.”  Ye Yu Xi walked in front of them.

The Spiritualist Guild, it was the largest guild on the Purple Cloud Continent.  Although it was a guild, it was better to say it was an auction house. One could list things for sale here and give it a price, but of course they also needed to pay a certain percent as a fee.  One could also post missions like escorting people, finding people, and etc. As long as there was money, there would be mercenaries who felt they could finish the task.

Ye Yu Xi came to the Spiritualist Guild today to purchase a yard for herself.  Although it wasn’t expensive living in the inn, it was not convenient. After all, she would be giving Qing’er and Ye Wen their assassin lessons.

The Spiritualist Guild was very impressive and it was very big.  The main hall of the guild could hold several thousand people and it wouldn’t be crowded.  There were rooms in each direction and each room had different signs. Some were for buying property, some were for accepting missions, and some were for posting missions.

In the bustling crowd, a familiar voice rang out.

“That slut is also here, surround her for me!”

Ye Yu Xi’s group of four had just arrived in the Spiritualist Guild’s main hall.  They did not even have time to see which room was for selling property when they were surrounded by four-five large men.

Ye Wen looked at the youth in the distance and nervously grabbed Ye Yu Xi’s arm, “Young miss, the man from the brothel is here.”

Yang Wei had been kicked out of the brothel with a single kick from Ye Yu Xi and was knocked out on the spot.  When he woke up, he was already back in the City Lord’s palace. The pharmacist had been curing him for an entire day, but there was still a slight redness to his cheek.

How could Yang Wei suppress his anger.  When his injury was healed, he immediately brought people to the Spiritualist Guild to post a task.  The task was grab Ye Yu Xi and the reward was two hundred gold coins.

“It seems like you don’t have long term memory.”  Ye Yu Xi coldly looked at Yang Wei’s thin body and her eyes were filled with disgust.

Yang Wei walked closer and pointed at Ye Yu Xi’s nose as he cursed, “I was careless last time and was attacked by a waste like you.  Today young master will beat you to death, go!”

There were quite a few people in the main hall.  When they saw Yang Wei being filled with rage, they shook their heads and sighed.

“How did young miss Ye anger him.  Yang Wei’s temper…..”

“Those girls will suffer.  Yang Wei has used the power of the City Lord’s palace to harm many girls to death over the years and to commit sins.”


Ye Yu Xi’s fist slammed into the large man’s face beside her, but she didn’t kill him.

In the Spiritualist Guild, you could create trouble, but you couldn’t kill others.  Otherwise, it would be looking down on the authority of the guild and you would become the Spiritualist Guild’s enemy.

She grabbed the man’s shoulder and Ye Yu Xie directly threw that man away, aiming him at Yang Wei.

Dong, dong, dong.

In the blink of an eye, the four large men surrounding Ye Yu Xi were all knocked down by her one by one before being thrown at Yang Wei.

That pitiful Yang Wei.  His injury had just been cured, but he had four men who were as large as bulls crushing down on him.  He immediately fainted on the spot.

Qing’er ran beside Yang Wei and saw that only his hands and head was revealed, while he was being crushed by the large men, “Come and scare me, come and scare me.  I’ll kick you to death.”

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