Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 314

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Chapter 314: Aiya~~


Intermediate yellow grade!

When Ye Yu Xi heard this, she spot out a mouthful of tea.  This tea was not wasted as it was sprayed all over Long Xiao Pang’s face…..

“Aiya~~Pei!  Pei!”

Long Xiao Pang had a face covered in tea water and his heart was filled with disgust.

He couldn’t reach out to wipe it and he had to wipe it……He had a very conflicted look on his face…..

Ke, ke!  Ke!

Ye Yu Xi coughed several times before quickly taking out a silk handkerchief to help Long Xiao Pang wipe the water off his face, “Dragon master, did you remember correctly?  That cultivation technique is intermediate yellow grade?”

Long Xiao Pang snatched the handkerchief from Ye Yu Xi and looked at her with a bit of disgust, “This dragon master has lived for seven thousand years, how could I remember this little thing wrong!  That cultivation is yellow grade because there is only half of the cultivation technique.”

“Only half?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Long Xiao Pang in front of her.

“Isn’t it said that once a part of a cultivation technique is missing, it’s wasted?  It can’t be cultivated at all? Why is this cultivation technique fragmented?” Ye Yu Xi asked with curiosity.

During those days in the mountain, Ye Yu Xi asked Long Xiao Pang about cultivation technique when she had nothing to do.  Whether it was in terms of pills or cultivation techniques, there was always spiritual energy involved. To cultivate a cultivation technique is to take spiritual energy into the body.

Once the cultivation technique was broken, the spiritual energy would leak out and the essence of the cultivation technique would be lost.  The situation described by Long Xiao Pang surpassed Ye Yu Xi’s knowledge.

“There are always exceptions, didn’t you live after being struck by lightning?”  Long Xiao Pang looked at Ye Yu Xi and seeing that she wanted to pick up the cup of tea, he quickly raised his hand, “Wait!”

“Un?”  Ye Yu Xi was stunned and saw Long Xiao Pang run several steps the other way.

Long Xiao Pang and Ye Yu Xi were separated by a table and he looked at the distance before taking a stool while moving back another meter.  Feeling that he was at a safe distance, Long Xiao Pang sat down. With his little arm, he waved at Ye Yu Xi, “You can drink now.”

Ye Yu Xi: “……”

Long Xiao Pang continued to explain to Ye Yu Xi, “According to what I know, the cultivation technique has been broken for many years.  Although it is an intermediate yellow grade cultivation technique, it doesn’t have any attack power at all. But for you who has a Beast Soul, it is perfect for you to raise the control of your flames.”

“What grade was the cultivation technique at previously?”  Ye Yu Xi suddenly had an idea. The fragment was already this powerful, if it were complete……

“Hey, hey, hey!”  Long Xiao Pang patted his leg and broke Ye Yu Xi’s “dream”.

“What does it matter if you know the original grade?  Are you planning to gather the pieces of the cultivation technique!”  Long Xiao Pang had a serious expression.

Eh……Ye Yu Xi looked a bit awkward as she said in a small voice, “Since it is a fragment…..it’s best if we gather it.  This…..is there something wrong?”

“Hey!”  Long Xiao Pang saw that Ye Yu Xi was losing herself in her thoughts again and instantly cut her off.

He warned her in a serious voice, “Let me tell you!  Adding all the small and big cultivation techniques of the Purple Cloud Continent together, there are over ten million of them!  To put two yellow grade cultivation technique from these ten million cultivation techniques, do you know how small the probability is!”

Long Xiao Pang angrily looked at Ye Yu Xi.  He had spent a lot of effort, even using his essence to help stabilize Ye Yu Xi’s foundation.  If Ye Yu Xi spent a large amount of time looking for this cultivation technique, Long Xiao Pang would be very angry.

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