Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 250

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Chapter 250: I want to say a few words

Ye Zhi Qiu said this and everyone looked at Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er with unkind eyes.  

Ye Yu Xi felt everyone’s eyes and thought that there were quite a few people trying to take advantage of troubled times!

Huo Ling had only “taken” seven-eight stalks of Extreme Ice Grass, but there were over ten people who called out they lost their Extreme Ice Grass!

It seems like Extreme Ice Grass was not something everyone power could afford.  Thinking of how Yan Hao had been attacked in the mountain before, there should be quite a few forces trying to rob people for benefits.

Only right now, the lost Extreme Ice Grass gave people a legitimate reason.

“What meaning do you have!  The two misses are my, Yan Hao’s guests!  Could it be that you don’t even believe me, Yan Hao!”  Yan Hao sat in front of Ye Yu Xi and reprimanded them.

No matter what Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er’s background was, Yan Hao had to stand up at this time because Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er were his guests right now.  If Ye Yu Xi was questioned, it was Snow Shadow City’s face that was lost!

Ye Yu Xi looked at Yan Hao speaking up for her and she slowly stood up.

Everyone saw Ye Yu Xi stand up and their voices became smaller.

In front of everyone, Ye Yu Xi slowly said, “Since you suspect me, I’ll say a few words.  Everyone should know the value of Extreme Ice Grass, each one is worth over a hundred thousand gold coins.  There were over ten of you who said that their Extreme Ice Grass was stolen. I want to ask you, for such a precious item, do you place it in your bags or in your rings?”

When Ye Yu Xi said this, half of the people here stopped talking.

The mysterious girl in front of them was speaking the truth.  For a precious thing like the Extreme Ice Grass, they would definitely place it in their Space Rings.  It would be safest to wear it with them at all time, no one would place it outside for people to steal.

But…..they had never heard of a thief that could directly steal things out of a person’s Space Ring!

Ye Yu Xi saw that a portion of the people were speechless and her mouth curled into a smile.  She turned to look at Ye Zhi Qiu sitting in the main seat, “Young master Ye, everyone knows that you are the Alchemist Guild Master’s son.  I ask young master Ye, with the Alchemist Guild’s strength, how many pieces of Extreme Ice Grass are shared everyone each year? How many does the guild have within it?”

Ye Zhi Qiu’s face slightly changed.  His momentum weakened a bit as he said in a deep voice, “The Extreme Ice Grass is only found in extremely cold places and it is very hard to gather.  With the foundation of the Alchemist Guild, a total of ten pieces can be exchanged for by alchemists. Because of the Alchemist Selection Meet this time, there were more exchanged for this time and there are only five left inside the Alchemist Guild.”

“Good!  Since it’s like this, I want to ask everyone who lost their Extreme Ice Grass.  With how rare the Extreme Ice Grass is, then where did the Extreme Ice Grass that everyone lost come from?”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes looked over everyone before looking at Ye Zhi Qiu, “Young master Ye is the leader, don’t let people take advantage of this!”

“You’re right!  There are people taking advantage of this!”  A person who looked like a family head stood up.  It seems like for their junior to enter the Alchemy Academy, this family head spent quite a bit.  This middle aged man said, “Even if what you said is true, in this ten, you are still the most suspicious person!  Saying this will not rid you of this suspicion!”

“If I can prove that I didn’t do it, how about that?”  Ye Yu Xi looked up at this middle aged person standing up.

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